Bay Area Rapper Larry June New Video “Wait One Me” & Album Announcement

Bay Area rapper Larry June has a new album on the way June 11 and here is the first track from it for “Wait On Me”. The video, directed by THEDAILYGEMS, draws from June’s notoriously laid back demeanor, as he enjoys the finer things. More details on the forthcoming LP will be divulged imminently, stay tuned.

Originally from the Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco, CA, June spent his childhood between The Bay and Atlanta; two cities with different mentalities and lessons to give. June made it through many situations while cultivating the skills that allow him to share his story with others today. Having a perfect balance of the Bay Area swag and spiritual alignment, his music creates the essence of what it means to be perfectly at ease. A large part of that ease is the attention he pays to health and wellness – denoted by the orange emojis left by him and fans alike across his social media. Coming from a family of diabetics, he takes a great deal of pride in his morning jogs, meditations, and juice cleanses to keep himself healthy and spread the word through Black communities affected by the disease.

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