Mark 4ord & Trizz Connect For New Video “Oaths” Prod. By Bodybag Ben With Cuts By Manipulator

One thing about Mark 4ord is..He stays busy. Dropping his 3rd project of the year he gives us a brand new EP Entitled ‘Sun Baths in North Korea’. This single featuring Trizz called ‘Oaths’ is about as captivating as that name is.

Oaths when broken down by the dictionary is ‘a solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one’s future action or behavior’. One could assume that the meaning of this song title is “Keeping it real”. Taking directly out from Marks verse, Mark states “I keep it real, y’all respect it more, every time I’m in the booth, whenever I wreck the show”. This is after mentioning he would cut his marijuana with a seasoning product to double his profits as a youngster. Whether that is true or not it makes for a great line.

Doubling profits is a common theme with Da Money Tree, Marks label and code to life. He states “Da Money tree is taking over neighborhoods like wall mart”! As long as the product is not watered down I don’t think WE will care at all brother. The chorus is top notch cuts from DJ Manipulator over a raw gritty BodyBag Ben produced beat! It states many have died, trying to survive. The simpleness and rawness of the beat looping and those cuts are simply what hip hop is and it is refreshing to hear!

Trizz comes on to this song stating he’s taken a oath to young and old associates alike…and those associates will most likely kill you; if there paths are crossed. Trizz who is also known with his collaborations with California artist Chuw33 is a beast in his own right and dances all over this beat. The visuals to this piece are top notch! DMT Media nails the perfect vibe, the shots and angles as well as NEWHIGH FILMZ with the camera shots that were added to the visuals like a camera roll.

We have exclusively listened to the project and we can say it is a powerful bomb of work which suits the cover art.

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