MF DOOM Announces New Merch Drop, Physical Collectible Masks, and a Second Augmented Reality Blockchain Auction

Today, the hip-hop supervillain MF DOOM launches a timely new collection of physical merch: four variations of collectible masks inspired by MF DOOM’s signature look, and a brand new line of t-shirts, hoodies, and sticker packs. The collectible masks, designed by Beast Wreck, are limited to 3,000 pieces each, and packaged in unique gold foil stamped & numbered collector’s boxes.

This merch drop follows DOOM’s first foray into the realm of digital collectibles, when the enigmatic rapper teamed up with Rhymesayers Entertainment and Illust Space to drop a batch of augmented reality masks minted on the blockchain. This collection reached a full lot sellout last week at auction.

Following the success of the first auction, the teams have minted a second series of extremely rare monster-inspired MF DOOM masks, which will be available for auction starting October 29, 2020 on the Illust Space platform. This second auction will be for a total of three masks, available in two rare variants — a series of two “Mummy” masks and one “Sludge” mask. As with the first series, collectors will be able to buy, sell and trade, as well as project the augmented reality masks into the “real world” through Illust Space’s web application and participating partnerships. See below for more information on this cutting-edge collaboration.

Sign up for more information on the auction here:

  • About – The first auction started on October 23, 2020 on the Illust Space auction platform, and ended on October 25, 2020. The second auction begins October 29, 2020, and ends October 30, 2020. There are 4 mask variants available between the two auctions, for a total of 11 masks altogether. Collectors will be able to buy, sell, and trade as well as project the augmented reality masks into the “real world” through Illust Space’s web application and participating partnerships.
  • Finance – MF DOOM’s auction represents a first in the decentralized finance industry as Smart Contracts and the ERC-721 (Non-Fungible Tokens) standard are being used to establish value for augmented reality art, an artform that cannot be monetized using traditional models of appraisals, wholesalers, and gatekeepers. 3D art minted on the Illust Space blockchain platform is observable in the “real world” through AR and can also be transferred across the ubiquitous immersive layer (games, social networks, virtual worlds, etc.)
  • Blockchain – As the market for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) or crypto art continues to gain steam, the collaboration between MF DOOM, Rhymesayers Entertainment and Illust Space represents a paradigm shift for artists, influencers, and culture as the technology forges a presence in the world of hip-hop.
  • Art Market – Digital and augmented reality art are now viable mediums for creators as blockchain technology is able to track copyrights, authorship, ownership, and overall provenance for pieces. In turn, a new digital art collector has driven over $200 million in value for the emergent class of NFT projects (NFT Stats).
  • AR/VR – According to Snap, over 170+ million Snapchat users engage with augmented reality lenses every day (Snap Stats). Facebook recently released new specifications for their augmented reality glasses in the most recent Oculus Connect. However, not a single piece of AR content on either social network is monetizable for Art Collectors, and they are susceptible to copyright infringement and piracy. The MF DOOM collection will be a north star example of how social networks can empower creators through blockchain technology.
  • Music – MF DOOM is a fixture of hip-hop lore. For most musicians, royalties are accumulated every time a song is streamed or plays on the radio. Using the Illust Space platform’s Smart Contracts, MF DOOM will be able to receive royalties when some items are bought or sold again in the secondary market.
  • Culture – Drawing parallels with the Sneakerhead community, Illust Space will be offering augmented reality art in the form of “Drops” or the opportunity to purchase rare items for a limited amount of time.

“The first auction saw over 20,000 visitors to the site, 2.1 million views of the AR effects across social media, and all 8 items auctioned sold above listing price” says Rob McCarty, Co-Founder and CEO of Illust Space. “This second drop is going to be very special, tapping in to both the great heritage of MF DOOM and the Halloween spirit in a way only a super villain could.”

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