NICK SPEED: A DAY IN THE LIFE (Documentary) / The resurgence of Detroit’s hip hop music scene

Detroit, Michigan. — On Wednesday, June 11, 2014, Nick Speed, a platinum credited hip hop producer, joined a worldwide initiative highlighting urban life in 11 American cities. The campaign, “One Day on Earth” is a conglomerate of mini-documentaries being released today.
This short form documentary, created by Detroit-native cinematographer, Carl Ballou, will be showcased by “One Day in Detroit” and its affiliates and is later scheduled to appear as part of a TV series on the future of American cities that will run on local PBS stations.

Speed, who consistently works with 50 Cent, Danny Brown, Lloyd Banks, Talib Kweli and many others including independent artists, recently released a 20-track album in the UK, “The Beat Down,” which rose to #1 before selling out of print. He has also been named hip hop artist of the
year at the 5th Annual Detroit Black Music Awards. Speed’s next solo album, to be released in the near future, will feature his production as well as his skills as a vocal artist. The album, tentatively titled “This Side of The Speaker,” will be released worldwide alongside the feature
length documentary, ”The Other Side of the Speaker,” highlighting Speed’s role in the resurgence of Detroit’s music scene.

Nick Speed remains a G-unit affiliated producer and his latest work continues to impress. In addition to appearing on the lead single, he arranged the entire 2012 J Dilla project titled, “The Rebirth of Detroit.” Speed also produced Danny Brown’s entire 2008 album, “Hot Soup,” which
was re-issued with added bonus material in April 2014.

Detroit, a city respected worldwide for its rich musical history, is experiencing a recent surge of success from hip hop musicians entering the national spotlight. The city currently boasts a significant number of talented, unsigned independent artists who are rising on the radar of
mainstream media. In an interview with, Nick Speed recently declared, “At one time, Detroit was the mecca of music and now we are proving that it could be that again.”


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