Nick Visco’s Hip-Hop Shop, Giving Fans Reviews And Exclusive Interviews

Nick Visco’s Hip Hop Shop is a place where all talent is welcome in showcasing their underground music that wouldn’t normally get a look from the mainstream world. He is present on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, & Twitch. On the show, his viewers submit original music to him in order to be featured on my show, keeping a fan first hands on approach.  When music is picked up, both Nick and the live audience rate the songs on a scale from 1-5. Really bad records get “The Blanket” and awesome records receive “BOOPY MUZEEK”. These terms help in giving the show its own unique twist and sets it apart from the rest.

Nick Visco’s goal is to help shine a light on the various artists struggling to make their dreams a reality with hands on reviews, and exclusive interviews.  Check out his review on Black Moon’s latest project below.



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