Rap Megaverse Online Platform for Writing Rap Lyrics Now Launched

Rap Megaverse is an online platform focused on the craft of writing hip hop and rap verses. Rappers can drop bars on a daily topic or publish freeform written rap lyrics in a community for all skill levels.

Rap Megaverse - Write rap bars, get props, join the ranks

Visit RapMegaverse.com

There are two main areas to publish verses. The Megaverse, which is a live feed where all verses are weaved together and built upon each other, creating a collective rap verse crafted by the community.

Rap Megaverse - Write rap bars, get props, join the ranks

Writers can also participate in a Daily Cypher that is topic-based. A topic is selected randomly every 24 hours and writers can exercise their rhyme skills daily.

Rap Megaverse features an intuitive bar-based interface to quickly create verses line-by-line along with a built-in music player that is curated with beat tapes from independent beatmakers and producers on Bandcamp. There is a positive feedback system called “props” where writers and fans can vote on verses with different reactions. Rappers and verses can place on the leaderboards, rank based on props received.

Visit RapMegaverse.com to get started and express yourself in a community that values the craft of writing raps.

Instagram: @rapmegaverse

Founded by hypoetical (Mind Mechanics, Dusted Wax Kingdom) UGHHB contributor/emcee/beatmaker turned coder. 

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Rhymer, visualist, and beatmaker. Mind Mechanics crew, Dusted Wax Kingdom. Owner and founder of Rap Megaverse and DocOptic. If you love writing rhymes, join the movement and drop some bars at RapMegaverse.com.

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