Suburban Noize Records Announces “Tres Legados” Show For December 3 At SOMA San Diego

3 of Southern California’s musical icons are celebrating anniversaries this year, so they all decided to come together and throw one big party.  The party of the year is going down on December 3 at SOMA San Diego & is dubbed “Tres Legados.” The name is fitting, seeing as its translation from Spanish to English reads “3 Legends.” 

The Tres Legados show will feature performances by the Long Beach Dub Allstars, Fishbone, (həd) p.e., Unwritten Law frontman Scott Russo performing acoustic, Sprung Monkey, the King Klick, LAW featuring Jakob Nowell, Perro Bravo, DJ Product 1969© & the Dropout Kings. All the band’s on the bill enjoy a common bond with ties to Sublime, SRH Productions & SOMA San Diego.

On how the event came together, SRH founder Kevin Zinger states, “Oddly enough, Brad Nowell’s wife, Troy & I, are still close & we touched base on Long Beach Dub Allstars. She was planning a party for the Sublime self-titled anniversary & wanted them to play. I was planning an SRH 30-year Anniversary & we just decided to combine them as we have so much history together. We started talking about venues and I reached out to SOMA & found out it was their 35-year anniversary. It just made sense to combine them all. SRH & Sublime have so much history as we all did countless shows together throughout the ’90’s.” 

He continues, “Asking Len from SOMA to host the show in San Diego was a no-brainer, as they have always been very supportive of SRH & we did some rad shows together. It’s cool to look back and think about how much impact SOMA & SRH had on the San Diego music scene and the impact Sublime had on the music scene can never be overstated. Sublime was just one of the few bands who changed everything with their sound. Doing this show with them & SOMA really brings things full-circle & I’m super stoked how naturally it came together. Just old friends talking & next thing you know, the show was finalized.”

SRH, the iconic California-based clothing company, started in the early ‘90s as concert and club promoter’s working with then underground bands like Sublime, Pennywise, Offspring, Incubus, etc. The SRH clothing brand was a natural extension of the music, action sports & counter-culture lifestyle the iconic SRH Spade represented. The brand went on to become one of the top-selling action sports brands. After decades of success, the 2 partners decided to wind it down for some time & just relaunched the brand full force in 2021 to celebrate its three decades in business.

The world-famous, independently owned, music venue, SOMA, was founded as an all-ages club in 1986 by Len Paul. The venue has an extensive concert history hosting legendary artists & bands including Eddie Vedder, Stone Temple Pilots, No Doubt, Radiohead, Green Day, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, blink-182, Dom Kennedy, Chance the Rapper & Billie Eilish amongst others. Many bands on the bill like Sprung Monkey & Unwritten Law point at SOMA & SRH as the platforms they had that helped launch their careers.

SOMA’s Len Paul commented, “Soma, San Diego’s legendary all-ages venue is really excited to be celebrating it’s 35th anniversary with the people who helped our music scene become what it is today. SRH celebrating 30 years & Sublime celebrating the 25th anniversary of their self-titled album with the amazing lineup we have will be fantastic. We can’t wait to see our friends at this event, it is going to be unforgettable.”

Sublime’s self-titled album spawned timeless hits like “What I Got,” “Santeria,” & “Wrong Way”. The album would also help to transform the genre & go out to be recognized as one of the greatest albums of the era. Tragically, Sublime singer Bradley Nowell passed away months before the album’s release, but his musical legacy continues to be felt 25 years later.

Troy Dendekker, also known as Mama Troy, is the wife of Bradley Nowell & has helped to carry on Sublime’s musical legacy after his passing. She commented, “To bring everyone together for these milestone anniversaries is going to be an incredible night. Everyone on the bill from the artists to SOMA to our SRH family have a special connection to Sublime, so it’s going to be a big reunion party with family & fans.”

“Its crazy to think how long we have all been at this,” says SRH founder Kevin Zinger in closing. “To celebrate these 3 entities’ anniversaries together is going to be a special evening. I’m proud of everything that we have done over the last 3 decades at SRH but those early years with the help of bands like Sublime & venues like SOMA are the most special memories for me personally.”

Troy added “I was born & raised in San Diego & it’s always been Sublime’s home away from home. And between SOMA & SRH, they have both given so many bands a platform to play & launch careers. This will be a great night to celebrate some big anniversaries, but also celebrate San Diego as a great music hub & the people behind it.”

Tickets go on sale this Friday, October 22 at 10am.

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