The MadHouse Academy (Ev House & Riko Don) Out Of Los Angeles, CA


The MadHouse Academy consists of 2 members as of 2014, Ev House and Riko Don. Both emcees are natives to Los Angeles but lyrically you can easily hear the east coast influence.

Ev House 32 years old from Orange County, CA has been writing music since the late 90’s. “I been doing this for a long time. Experience is everything in this game, you never stop paying dues. I feel like I’m at a point where my experiences are aligned with what I really want to do with music. Seen many rappers turn pop in less than a decade, even I have dabbled in it a little but my heart has always been in the underground. Lyrically I’m just programmed to seek for bars, because I come from battle era of hip hop”. Some of Ev’s influences include: Big L, Nas, Biggie, 2pac, Eminem, Canibus, Obie Trice… His favorite battle rap MCs today are: Loaded Lux, Charlie Clips, DayLyt, and Mook.


Riko Don (Rel Princeton) 33 years old from Southbay, CA has also been writing music since the late 90’s. He’s had many great project’s that have been floating around in the shadows. Some of the artists and producers hes worked with include: Fingazz, Bizzy Bone, Ray J, Jah Free… “Growing up I was a serious fan of Canibus and Nas. Just the way they would puzzle peice their bars together was amazing to me. Every record I would play out and break down bar for bar. It eventually inspired me to write and rap on my own tracks. Remember those days? Jackin’ for beats”.


The Academy takes pride in being advocates of hip hop. “We grew up during the greatest era of hip hop. Where hip hop greats went the extra mile to master the art of lyricisim. Its only right that we continue to fuel the fire of that era. Its just another way of showing the hip hop greats that their efforts and music made a difference and inspired people to value the essence.” -Ev House

Project: No Vacancy EP

Project No Vacancy EP

“Welcome to the MadHouse”, is a record that captures the competitive sides of both artists. Writing this record, we wanted to have a twist vs just straight murderous bars. The concept we came up with was to reference horror flicks, and sick movie titles. At the same time, the train of thought was to speak to all the WACK rappers in the game. Now a days, theres too many. Produced by Black Light Music LLC

Ruined”, is a record that was sketched out by Riko. Theres a real story behind this record more so for Riko. Years of fighting demons that were forced on him by the industry. Hip hop can take a toll on artists; the politics, the shady people, the production.. etc. But the reality of it is, timing plays a huge roll in any project released. Never lose hope. House speaks on the grind of writing lyrics, while watching the world of hip hop fall apart. Produced By Will Shine Productions

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