The MC Of The Night Borvoe McMidnite “Mr. 3° Burns Cubed” Set To Release On Dec 24th

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Mr. 3° Burns Cubed is set to be released December 24th. Borvoe McMidnite wants to to share his gifts with the world Christmas Eve, so everyone can wake up to this fine present of art in music. To further explain the title of this EP; Mr. 3° Burns Cubed, the word “Cubed” is the mathematical expression used as an exponent to the third power. Meaning, this is Mr. 3° Burns to the third power. Being that M3BC is the third release of the series, it represents comprehension of what the first and second Mr. 3° Burns have created.

The atmosphere of Mr. 3° Burns Cubed has a strong accumulative point of temptation along with desire and passion for regency. What makes the final installment of Mr. 3° Burns unique from the rest of the series is the direct conversation The MC of the Night relays to the listener. The melody of M3BC can be received as an exquisite flame, giving more meaning to the feeling of temptation. The production of Mr. 3° Burns Cubed is tailored by Borvoe McMidnite’s in house producers The Almighty NRP, who display a mid to late 1970s influence on the instrumentals with modern Hip-Hop drums and percussions.

The EP Mr. 3° Burns Cubed is a special moment in Hip-Hop and music overall, simply due to the fact that it shows the growth of a lyricists’ mentality. The full series of Mr. 3° Burns progresses the stages of self, the world, and to the universe [not to mention the 5th track on M3BC]. Mr. 3° Burns Cubed is the universe that The MC of the Night has created which he invites and you will also gravitate to. It’s alive… Mr. 3° Burns Cubed


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