Why Every Rapper & Artist Need To Lock In Their Website Domain

Imaging an independent artist putting all this work, time, money growing their brand and music to find out their domain is unattainable. Everyday independent artists release new music, brand themselves on DSPs, blogs, and event fliers not realizing they are putting their brand at risk of being highjacked and held for ransom by a domain reseller. When artists don’t have a website or don’t even have a domain reserved with a .com behind their stage name, it could be a recipe for disaster the second they need a website for branding sake. Rule number one in this day and age when it comes down to branding for an artist, is to register their domain first and everything else should fall into place.

There’s been countless cases when an artist go on domain registrars like EnzoDomains.com (a leading domain and hosting provider) to buy their name & launch their site to find out their .com cost thousands of dollars and being sold by somebody who has no business owning the name. So artists have to resort to putting “music” or “hip hop” after their name. Not a good look for anybody’s brand to be honest.

With the internet and social media, especially artists who run paid ads, it’s not hard for resellers to come across names of artists who are gaining a buzz or look like they are investing in themselves. Resellers purchase artist domains on any domain registrar only mark it up for thousands of dollars, literally holding the domain for ransom. One of the best legal hustles for domain thieves in the sharky music business. Many of our favorite artists are highjacked and countless others which is proof that this type of brand violation does exist.

If an artist is in no rush for a website, securing and registering the domain is still important and has it’s benefits. We recommend just forwarding the domain to a Linktree, Instagram, of Spotify account. This way is cost effective for many artists who are not prioritizing a website, but still want to protect their brand.

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