“Whyd” is an online library and playlist organizer for all your music!


I stumbled across a website a while back that claimed it would make playlists from all the media I listen to across the internet. Whaaat?! At the time, Whyd was just a startup company and the site was really raw and undeveloped. It was also only available through invitation. Now, it’s much more sophisticated and polished, and the best part – it’s open to the public!

You can use Whyd to organize that mess of bookmarks and links you’ve accumulated from YouTube videos, Soundcloud tracks, Vimeo flicks, etc. into a clean, easy to manage page of custom playlists. Not only does it let you add audio and video to save for later, but it integrates seamlessly with your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, so you can share your music. As far as I’m aware, the size and quantity of your playlists are limitless, since everything you add plays from it’s original source.

There is also a “Discover” tab that helps match your music preferences with other users on Whyd. The “Stream” tab shows activity and new songs posted by the users you are following.

A great alternative to Whyd is Songdrop, which does a lot of similar things and has an app in the Google Play Store, but lacks the large community of music lovers and social interaction. Hit the button below to see my playlists on Whyd ↓↓↓↓


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