Ainsley Morgan – Q&A Interview

Ainsley Morgan LP Front Cover

So let’s tell our audience where you are from, and how long have you been making Hip Hop?

I’d like to say I’m from a number of different places that have all influenced my music in one way or another. I was originally born in Georgia and have lived in North Carolina, Florida, and Massachusetts. The majority of my time was spent in Massachusetts and I feel that my lyrical content is very strong because of that. Here in Boston we have some of the top public schools and universities in the world and I credit a lot of my insight to what I’ve learned in school. Of course my hometown is Atlanta and the energy I bring on my songs is all from there. I love high-energy records and you can hear a lot of that in Atlanta music as well as on my LP.

What’s your goal in the music business?  Have you achieved some goals since starting to rap?

My biggest goal is probably pretty identical to any other musicians and anyone who takes their work seriously in general.  Eventually I would like to be recognized for my work and inspire others to continue what they are doing. When I listen to rap music whether it is Gangster rap or any other form I look for motivation so I hope people can be motivated by my music as well.

Who are your greatest influences musically?

My greatest influences are Jeezy, Kanye, Drizzy, The Dream, TIP, and Fabolous are my biggest musical influences in hip-hop

Boston is known for a strong foundation of Hip Hop.  What separates you from other artists who are from Boston.

I like to leave this one up to the people. I can name little things that separate me from others but at the end of the day that is for the listeners to decide. I just enjoy making good music.

Let’s talk about the “THE AINSLEY MORGAN LP”.  What was the concept of the project?

The concept behind the project was to display the variations of hip-hop I can do which could show the audience different sides of me. I don’t think the album has one main theme and that is representative of me. I am very free with my music and each song I make is always a surprise to me because I very rarely go into it knowing what I’ll write about. However once I do find that theme for the song I definitely  strategize how I will complete the song in a way that connects each record coherently.

Any new projects to look forward to in the future?

You can look for new projects every month from me. I’m planning on dropping 2 or 3 songs every month so be on the lookout!

What’s your definition of “Underground Hip Hop?

Personally I think it has many different meanings. It can be classified as having a certain type of sound or represent music that is recognized but not on a large scale.

Any Shout outs?

Yeah shout out to my partner in crime Clark Sage. Check his soundcloud page out.

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