Catching Up with Jaysin the Sin God

Right off the bat, you just dropped a brand new mixtape yesterday entitled The Process 4. How does it stand out in comparison to the previous 3 installments of the series?

Off top, the quality is 100% better than anything I’ve released so far. Clay gets better at mixing everyday, just like I get better at rapping so the sound quality is really impressive on TP4. The energy was super correct. Me & Clay have had time to really get close, you can seriously feel it throughout this mixtape. We are best fuckin’ friends man. We knocked it out in 72 hours, straight up locked inside the studio. We went to his crib a couple times to shower & shave, but we really knocked out all 15 tracks in 3 days. I never knocked out an entire project back to back like that.

A few weeks ago, you held an off-the-wall virtual concert experience to celebrate it’s release. Do you think that same energy will be there once COVID blows over & live shows return?

Oh hell yeah. This momentum i got going with TP4 is only going to get stronger, I’m always making an effort to stay connected with my core fans. Consistency is really important to me, so I make sure my hustle is constant & non-stop. By the time COVID blows over, I’m confident my return to the stage will be my first time headlining sold out shows.

Earlier this week, you uploaded the fifth episode of your vlog series Living with Sin on YouTube. Is there any more that you have in the chamber?
For sure. I actually have BTS footage from the TP4 virtual experience that I’m editing into a vlog episode right now. Plus a whole buncha extra shit that will go into another episode after that. I’m going to shoot a “Day in the Life” episode really soon to give people a look inside what my day to day is like, that’s what I have going on right now for the Living with Sin series.

Attached to your latest Living with Sin episode is the music video for your “Both Side” freestyle. Will there be any more visuals for The Process 4?

I want to shoot videos for “Dennis Rodman” & “Move Ya Hips”. I really love how those remixes came out & I wanna put some visuals to them.

I also understand that you recently launched a new brand with alternative tattoo models called Sinoritas. What made want to do so?

Man as long as I can remember, I’ve always had girls around me & it has become a big part of the Jaysin the Sin God brand. I wanted to offer the girls value by creating this new platform. They can promote themselves on here from everything to their OnlyFans, merch they have for sale, or modeling services that they might offer. You’ll also be able to see content too explicit for my YouTube channel or too sexual for I’m about to wild the fuck out with SINORITAS.COM haha

Tell me more about this promo run you have coming up in April

Me & Right Hand Rome will be touring PA, NJ & NY to promote everything I got going on. I’ll be doing pop up performances, handing out free promo items & I’ll have some exclusive merch on deck for sale. You’ll only be able to get this merch if you catch me in the street. I might sell whatever i have left over on, but it will be for a slightly higher price. If there are any street teamers from PA, NY, or NJ seeing this rn, DM me on Insta @pplhatejaysin. I’m looking for some real hitters down to beat the streets. Ima keep these promo runs crackin’.

Where does your motivation come from?

To be honest, just the desire & urge to get better & better is what motivates me. I’m obsessed with rapping, I’m addicted to marketing & branding & I’m in love with my lifestyle. THE GAME DONT STOP!

Last time we spoke, you had mentioned a debut album produced entirely by DJ Clay. Is there any update on that?

Yup, we workin’ on it. Really taking our time when it comes to creating the sound we want to make wit this album. It’s different from a mixtape, you know? My album will be alot more conceptual & refined than the tapes. It’s gonna be super sweet. 100% produced & engineered by DJ Clay. Even though I already have 17 projects out, this is going to be my debut into the game as my full form going full force. Ima really show y’all what I can do as a rapper on this thang, dawg. I’ve basically been practicing up ‘till now. Ima professional at rapping & I’m excited to display my talent now that I’ve polished it up with so much practice.

Will there be a Process 5 in 2022? Lol

The Process will continue as long as there is breath in my lungs & YouTube producers remake Billboard hits for me to terrorize.

Finally, where can viewers find you on social media? Drop your links.

First of all, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel SINGODTV right now so you don’t miss any of the behind the scenes episodes & all that cool shit!

Secondly, follow my IG @pplhatejaysin. I’m always posting dope raps on there & going crazy to entertain the fans while they’re waiting on new music to come out.

And lastly, make sure you text SM43 to (833) 924 2188 to get text message updates on the dopest news crackin’ off in the underground

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