Chronicle – “Q&A Interview”

Chronicle - Q&A Interview

For the music junkies who don’t know who you Chronicle is, let them know? Where are you from? How did your Hip Hop brand come about? What does Chronicle mean?

I’m from Jacksonville, FL. A city with a lot of talent but no one really has broken out like that. This all started back when I was high school me and my friends came up with “LrK” that was originally formed from our middle names but later was changed into “legendary regime kingz”. It’s funny you ask cause chronicle came from the movie “chronicle” that came out a few years ago. I was like yoooo this a dope name so I stuck with it.

We notice you represent a variety of genres of music? R&B, Jazz, & Hip Hop? What genre did you start listening too and what influenced you into making Hip Hop currently.

I remember when I was younger on Sunday’s was clean up days lol so she would blast rnb music. Artist like Lauryn hill, Maxwell, Mary j, Maxwell, Toni Braxton, erykah badu and so on. That type of music really stuck with me more than rap itself but I always had a love for it regardless. I just thought rnb back then was more soulful than anything else.

Congrats on success of your first ever LP, “Bright Nights”. Feel free to breakdown the creative process of the project. (features, production, etc). Where can people find the project?

Thanks man I appreciate that. The process was crazy I already had the idea of the album back when I released my first mixtape period which was “dark days”. So while I was getting ready to release that my mind was already working on this. I wanted to take my time on this too not rush the process of it and put out a quality body of work even though I was still new to this. I would go to the studio, lay some tracks down,and listen to those same tracks for weeks on end trying to pick apart what I need to fix and things I can add. I’m a perfectionist. Most of the ideas I would come up with were while I was at work lol. A year passes by and I have my first listening session. Only invited close friends and family, to get opinions on it. In my mind I was pretty much finished with it. Just needed a few more tracks mastered and it was done, but like a couple of weeks after the listening I sat down with it myself and said to myself “is this what I want to put out after a year of work? Am I really satisfied with this body of work”. Honestly at the time I wasn’t so back to the drawing board I went but I didn’t want more time to pass without me releasing any music. I ended up putting together a mixtape called ‘Eve of summer’ (almost named it Summer’s Eve lmao) and all these songs were throwaway songs that didn’t make the album but I loved them so much I couldn’t just trash them. Knocked my features out pretty early. I wanted to add a lil edge to the album though. I went back to study albums from outkast, Lauryn hill, J.cole, Kendrick, Drake, Kanye west and childish gambino to see why I loved these albums so much. I even compared my songs to theirs as far as sound quality to make sure my music sounded just as good. Around this time I was diving more into writing poems and writing my raps in this form without worrying so much on rhyming. That’s when I noticed my writing was becoming a lot better when I wasn’t putting so much pressure on that aspect and it started flowing naturally. Always push yourself to your limits because if you don’t you will never know if you can surpass them.

Are you planning on releasing any videos to complement “Bright Nights”. Or are you going to let the record gravitate as an exclusive listening experience?

I plan on dropping a visual for every song on the album. I won’t be releasing another until I do and I’m a man of my word. I already released 3 visuals so far for ‘all drinks on me’, ‘poetry in motion’, and ‘chill ass intro’.

With this industry being so fast pace, being so busy promoting yourself, what advice do you have to those who are barely releasing their first record exactly what you just did, and trying to break into the business?

Even with the industry being as fast paced as it is and people’s attention spans shortening, I still value quality over quantity. I’ll rather listen to an artist who spends 6 months or more on releasing one project that year than someone who is putting out 3 mixtapes in one year. Now if that’s a pace an artist can do and still put out quality music then more power to them, but most just over saturate the market mediocre.

How does social media playing a role in Chronicle’s success? How are fans / supporters helping your movement?

It plays a certain role in case I want to give snippets of something new or future shows. I don’t really use my social medias much though, I’m more of a people person.

With this being an underground hip hop site, we always ask this important question. What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

Good question…hmm, I guess artist who haven’t quite made into the mainstream media yet like radio for example but still garner enough buzz for themselves to make some noise. I wouldn’t say any particular music is classified as “underground hip hop”.

Where can people find you on the Internet? Drop all the vital links.

Any Shout Outs?

Much love to everyone who helped with the project, Taylor King, Saul xo, ghost/\/ghoul, luxe, Canis Major, Stevie Fanta, soul, and my boy LB on the production tip. Dre rose, Dezy, d-mec, lauree, Vizzle, rj gambino, and jay mac for the amazing features and background vocals/harmonies. Booda, and Ahynte heard for the spoken word. Solomon Powell and my boy Tavion Williams for the funny radio skits. Last and not least to everyone who has or will listen to the album cause without the fans the artist is nothing. Much love to everyone out their pushing forward.

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