Everett Gibbons – Q&A Interview

Everett Gibbons - Q&A Interview

New England Area Hip Hop might just have a new hero in their city and we are talking about you. When did you decide to start making Hip Hop? Who influenced you? How did you get the name Everett Gibbons?

I started writing raps when I was like eleven, but didn’t start recording music until I was 16; and didn’t release anything to the public until I was 18. As far as influences, I’d say my peers and other musicians were my biggest influences. The musicians ranged from Outkast and Wu Tang; to Rancid and The Beatles; Kendrick and J.cole; Streetlight Manifesto and Pink Floyd; The Doors and Slightly Stoopid.. Everett Gibbons is my real name, and I was born in Everett, MA, lived on Everett St. and have carried the name since.

What specific area of New England Area do you rep? How has the local Hip Hop community accepted your music and movement?

I represent NH and Massachusetts. I reside about 5 minutes North of Lowell MA, in New Hampshire; 30 minutes north of Boston. The hip-hop community around here is best described as small, but passionate, a lot of artists supporting artists. I’m involved with a weekly hip-hop showcase called “Misery Loves Company” hosted by Cody Pope and Vatican Life, who put on big for the 603. I work the venue at which it’s hosted (Shoutout CARLO ROSE CIGAR BAR). The support is always real, and the place gives a lot of musicians a place to perform in front a crowd, that’s excited to be there.

Congrats on the success of your latest album release, “Dam(n) the Mainstream”. Feel free to break down the creative process of the project. (features, production, etc).

Thank you, a lot goes into a project like this. Inspiration, Delivery, Consciousness, Production and Marketing; while still trying to relate to a listener can be hard to “break down”. Wordplay and keeping your identity as an artist, to me, is crucial in today’s Hip-hop community. Production on “Dam(n) the Mainstream” ranges from Dos Gringos; a duo from the UK, to Boston’s own Louis Mackey and Killa K. Nextwon is from the CHI, and Commacomma is from Australia. All of these producers are professionals and we’re pleasures to work with; creating “Dam(n) the Mainstream”

Who are you top 5 MC & Producers?

That’s a tough question, but off the top, in no specific order…
Producers: Dr. Dre, Preemo, Rjd2, Blockhead, and Pete Rock.

MCS: Kendrick, J.cole, Andre 3000, GZA, and Slug.

What are your plans for getting your music out of your local city and let it circulate throughout the nation?

Social Media is becoming more and more important in today’s age. But I’m looking for unique opportunities to be more personal with my music. Earning new fans through face-to-face meetings, and relating to them. An internet buzz is dope, but I want people to know who I am, by talking with me, and feel comfortable approaching me with conversations about anything. I’m human too, it doesn’t need to be about just music.. Building that kind of positive buzz locally, is what I think will get me buzzing in other places that hear my music.

Are you looking forward to working with other artists near you? Or do you try to keep collabs at a minimum.

I’m down to work with anyone, as long as it’s mutually beneficial. There are a couple local cats I would work with but we’ll see.

What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

Underground to me; staying true to yourself, and making the type of music your soul desires. Underground is “Dam(n) the Mainstream”

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.

Find me at www.everettgibbons.com. My Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Souncloud links are all there on my website.

Lastly, and shout out?

Shoutout to all the people who give me honest feedback on my art. People who explain how they felt about my music, or tell me what my music made them feel have a huge roll in why I do this. Thank you for liking, disliking and relating to my music. Feel free to hit me up if you ever need to talk.

Thank You!  Everett Gibbons “Dam(n) the Mainstream”

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