JustIn Hale – Q&A Interview

JustIn Hale - Q&A Interview

Whats up JustIn! Let me ask, when did you decide to start making Hip Hop?

I was actually 9 yrs. old living in guam at the time and won a talent show for this track I co-wrote with my mom who was an MC in her youth.  I was actually 9 yrs. old living in guam at the time and won a talent show for this track I co-wrote with my mom who was an MC in her youth.

Who influenced you and how did you stick to your stage name?

Energy really influences a lot of my decisions. I listen to a lot of different vibes but I like Wiz Khalifa for his taylor gang 420 wave that I completely vibe with but as far as work ethic and versatility I really like the work OVO is doing with their artists and the whole brand, but as far as legacy and overall style I would say Andre’ 3000 is my most influential.

As far as my name JustIn Hale it’s a play on words Just in-Hale. originally I was in the pool at a place I used to live at the University of Arizona with a girl I was seeing and a few of her friends and we were talking about names that make other words and it kind of just popped up, but beyond that it took a few months to stick because I had to relate and with all of the stress that comes with life music or no music you have to know when to Justin Hale and let it breathe.

What specific area are you from?

Seattle, WA

Who has the local Hip Hop community accepted your music and movement?

Not sure about the question but if I read it the right way I would say no one yet I am new to the area and will be permanently pursuing my music goals in this area.

Congrats on the success of your latest “Love x Obligations” EP.

Feel free to break down the creative process of the project. (features, production, etc).

So the first song written for the project was “Sativa” which was about 6 months ago. and that really kick started the tape. I didn’t get the title “Love X Obligations” until later on during the curating portion of the creative process. I like to meditate to the beats before I begin writing or free forming the track. I was supposed to release an earlier project titled “Let It Breathe” summer 14 but I became a father that same summer and decided to dedicate the next 2 years to building that foundation and settling into Seattle. So #LxO is really the culmination of 2 years of life, love, obligations, and responsibilities, which really inspired the process.

Kid3rd is probably the biggest feature on the track “Grateful” and we linked up back in 2013 at West 1 Studio in Hollywood, CA. we were there for separate reasons but ended up chopping it up for about an hour. it wasn’t until now that we linked up in the studio to produce “Grateful”

I only had a couple of features on the whole project to include QthePhenom on “Waves” which is one of the most performance-ready tracks on the project and then with upcoming GA artist Coda.B on “No Time” which combines melodic undertones with a heavy hitting concept followed by smooth 808’s.

The whole project was engineered by Kenny of Surf Street Studios in Tacoma, WA. Who has also done work for Interscope Records as well as local artists in the area.

Give me 2 Pros & 2 Cons on being an independent artist.

2 Pros. of being an independent artist is working at your own time and pace, and being able to completely control the creative process.

However, 2 cons are being confined to working around your schedule which could consist of a day job, college, and being a full-time father. Another con is not having a team/mentors behind you to help you learn new things and share constant feedback as well as invest in your talent with you.

Planning on releasing any more videos to complement your EP?

Yes, I’m glad you asked the visionary I will be working with is relatively new to the world of film/photography and she goes by Leezy Guwop or @TrapSenpaii on twitter. There are going to be at the very least 2 visuals for the project.

What are your plans on getting your music out of your city and let it circulate throughout the nation?

Well UGHHBLOG is definitely a good start. I’ve also got the project on Spinrilla which is a large growing platform for Mixtapes. In addition to that I have Twitter promo in place and will be working daily to secure more promotion opportunities and performance spots at local open mic nights.

Are you looking forward to working with other artists near you? Or do you try to keep collabs at a minimum?

I’m the type of artist that feeds off energy so whether that come from fans or other artist via collab I am always open to work with people.

What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

Any music that has yet to be brought to the MainStage media platforms.

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/justin_hale-1/sets/love-x-obligations-ep
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SOVLDOVBT @SOVLDOVBT
Spinrilla: https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/djthreemula-love-x-obligations-the-ep
Instagram: @SOVLDOVBT

Lastly, and shout out?

I would like to shout out Kenny and Surf Street Studios for all of the love, My Squad back at the U of A in AZ holding in down for me. @QthePhenom , @TrapSenpaii, @kid3rd, @Coda_Diaz, and of course to my family and fans that really make this happen.

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