L-Gunna – Q&A Interview

L- Gunna – “GMF2” Living Proof Mixtape (Review)

Whats up L-Gunna! We really enjoyed your music throughout the past few days! When did you decide to start making Hip Hop? Who influenced you? How did you get the name L-Gunna?

I started making Hip-Hop when I was about 16 but I’ve been a fan since 4 year’s old, writing rhymes, studying my favourite MC’s, their lyrical structures and escaping my own life..basically trying to write my way into a new one. Influences??. Life! But as far as other MC’s Eightball & MJG & 2pac Comin’ Out Hard & Me Against The Wore my 1st and 2nd rap tapes YEAH I SAID TAPES! Lol. I got the name L-Gunna from my first name Lionel (L) and Gunna because basically I’m killing every track I rhyme on. The flip side to the Gunna part it’s part of my younger much wilder day’s lol I’ll leave it at that.

Who has the local Hip Hop community in your city accepted your music and movement?

There’s alot great music coming from my city New Orleans. My Music is slowly but surely being accepted because it’s a different vibe from alot of what’s coming out right now.

Congrats on the success of your mixtape “GMF2” Living Proof. Feel free to breakdown the creative process of the project. (features, production, etc).

GMF2..Living Proof is a vintage style mixtape (Great lyrics over industry instrumentals) but I make them my own. It’s like an audio mini movie how GMF2..Living Proof is written. It’s based on the prior 7 year’s of my life and I think it’s a remarkable listen. GMF2 intro track is a mash-up of tracks from GMF1 made when I was 20 years old. (G.M.F. stands for Gunna Mind Frame). GMF2..Living Proof I’m back stronger lyrically & mature. Give it a listen.

Who are you top 5 MC & Producers?


Eightball & MJG
Rakim..No Order

5 more lol

Pusha T
Freddie Gibbs
Kendrick Lamar
T.I. and so many more


Kanye West
9th Wonder

Any new music videos coming out?

Yes music videos are coming soon.

How often do you perform live?

No much but I’m about to change that.

How often do you collab with other artists?

Not often..everybody not rapping like I’m rapping collabs gotta make sense to make it work in my mind.

Here it is!

Our most popular question! What is your definition of “underground hip hop”? Me!..LOL

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.


Lastly, and shout out?

“God 1st & The Grind Continues”

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