Maddox – Q&A Interview

Maddox - Q&A Interview

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? How long have you been making Hip Hop?

I am from Brazil, and last year I went to New Zealand to finish my high school and start my project with a new perspective, that’s when I became Maddox, but I’ve been making Hip Hop since I was 16. I’ve always wanted to be a musician and I started to get interested on music skills really young, possibly around 12 years old, before 12 I was just chilling into industrial pop, watching video clips on Mtv and getting into that. I truly love pop but not enough to do pop music, then I started to discover new styles and artists through the years and I can say R&B and Hip Hop is just the most touching music ever, specially in Hip Hop where you’re able to explore more of your creativity and writing, you can work with many words and concepts in a song and this is really cool and that’s why I feel more comfortable doing Hip Hop than any another style, Hip Hop sounds like freedom and the creative process unlock you from the cage.

What influences you in making Hip Hop?

When I was on intermediate school I listened for the first time in my life Tupac’s “Keep Your Head Up”, and this still the edge of my influences and musical acknowledges, this song build a path on my imagination and probably I wouldn’t be here if I had never met Tupac’s music, he inspired me to fight against my opinions and decisions, I learned how to follow what is on my heart only because Tupac created this shift of perception on me. I do music because I love the whole process, music for me is the best way to communicate, is beautiful and abstract, fragile and strong, sincere and atmospheric, and all the things I’ve been through I try to resonate on my work.

Describe your music, and what separates you from other mcs?

Maddox is an Emotional underwater electronic hip hop. My music is my visions having fun, it’s an extension of my soul and thoughts, it’s like my journal gaining life, moving around with chords and melodies, my music is the most truly part of my existence, my music it’s who I wish to be every second. Each song I create has it an own scenario, with different things happening, with a different feeling exposed, and I try to do this in an emotional optic. I think each mc/rapper has his own way to express themselves, my way is really emotional and I like to explore that on my songs. I like the beats to have a relation with the lyrics basically, sometimes the beat speaks louder than the lyrics, but they need to match someway.

Who have you collaborated with? Who would you like to collab with in the near future?

I collaborated with Kaminari and Gus+Wes (New Zealand), L A M O N T (United States) and Pentagon (Romania). I would like to collaborate with Australian musicians, I’ve been seeing on soundcloud a bunch of creative and nice stuff from Australian people. Jarryd James, JOY., Zuri Akoko, UV boi and Chet Faker are my favourites.

Your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”?

Underground hip hop is a republic where young and talented people are able to show up their stuff. It’s chill and creative.

Production wise, who are your influences? Who does your production?

My biggest musical influences are Michael Jackson, Janet, Jeremih, Drake, Aaliyah, TLC, Outkast, Tupac, Timbaland, Mos Def, Frank Ocean, Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dogg, Prince, Genuwine, Sia, King Of Lions, Robyn, BANKS, Blood Orange, Gwen Stefani, No Doubt, Radiohead, J Cole, Miguel, M.I.A., Charli XCX, Disclosure, Kendrick Lamar, Marvin Gaye, Tinashe, P. Diddy, Grimes and Jay Z. My friend Tadeu Jardim and I produced all my stuff in his home studio, and my friend Matt Bird (Kaminari) created some stuff to the EP as well.

And who would you like to work with?

Ritz Reynolds, Patrik Berger, Devonte Hynes, Lil Silva, IAMNOBODI, Dj Mustard, Dave Luxe, Boi-1da, WISKIM, UV boi, Zuri Akoko, Shlohmo, Thrupence, SOHN, Ryan Hemsworth, Hit Boy, Cashmere Cat, JOY., Demo Taped, Kaytranada, GARREN, CTFD, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Jayden and Willow Smith or with anyone alive from my influences.

Any current or future projects you are promoting?

My current project is my debut EP “Bayswater” which I’ve been working on 1 year and a half, it’s my platform to promote my stuff and I want to make Live concerts supporting my album as soon as possible!

Can you give us a brief description of the creative process of your latest project BAYSWATER? Also/ tell us a little bit about the concept and idea behind your Album Cover Art.

Bayswater (the name of the avenue I used to live) is a reflection of my last trip to Auckland (NZ). I wrote heaps of memories, stories and thoughts on a journal, than I picked up my favourites to this album. The album works as a ride; you need a map to get into the sphere, so I developed an imaginary…guide-by-maddox that you can follow each song. The albums divided in 2 blocks, the bright and the dark side, the sunrise and the storm, and the two birds from the cover art who I painted, represents the album concept. Bayswater is a brief and sincere piece of music, Bayswater is what I think, is what I want to change and what I want to express.
Where can we find your music and info?
so you can find my stuff on:





Any shout outs?
first of all to UGHHBLOG for given me the opportunity to present my work. Matt Bird, Tadeu, Bruna, Gabriel and everyone who got involved on my project.

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