Q&A Interview With Johnny Crown About Career & New Project

-Yo Johnny Crown!! We are extremely prideful when we expose fresh/new Hip Hop artists like yourself, especially being based out of LA!! Please tell us a bit about yourself,  are you from LA? How long have you been making Hip Hop!

Hi thanks a lot for this opp to get to know me as An artist . I was born in Brooklyn Newyork ,Fortgreene to be exact and I am based in Los Angeles .

I have been rapping since a Kid. I had an older brother that used to make me write out all the rhymes on classic albums by Jay-Z , Nas, Big, Snoop basically albums that he loved and memorize them and repeat them back to him verbatim . But then he passed away and so it stuck with me as the only way to keep him alive was through these memories ..

-Please let us know when was was your first time actually recording and making music? Also, give us a main factors on why/how you decided to become an Hip Hop artist? Any major influences lets say?

So my mother had bought us this karaoke type recorder and when I got back from school my brother will just record me rapping and that’s how it all started. Later on after he passed

There was a mall that had a studio set up so on the way back from school I would go in there to record .

-Tell us about, in your perspective, how the indie/underground Hip Hop scene is out here in Los Angeles?  And how has Los Angeles influenced your music career!

The indie underground scene out here is burgeoning.

There are so many artists with various styles and it’s just so inspiring to hear everyone’s music . Los Angeles has influenced me tremendously because it’s a very creative city. It’s so much to pull from in every where you go and so many people that are on the same path and so many places to go to revitalize and recharge yourself. It’s impossible to get writers block lol

-Super dope album! Please breakdown the creative process of your new afrobeat inspired album “The Coolest Prince In The Jungle“? Wicked cover art btw! How did you end up coming up with that album cover art?

Thanks . Well “The coolest prince in the jungle” was actually inspired by a negative campaign that H&M had put out with a black kid on a T-shirt that said “The coolest monkey in the jungle”

That really impinged me and so I told myself that I will flip it to mean something positive and then write songs that will uplift us as a people. Because we are not just animals we are Kings Queens prince and princesses.

The Afrobeats sound was the background music that I felt fit perfect for the vibes I was going for at the time.

The artwork came about because I wanted to depict A being that was fearless and lived in perfect harmony with all other creations like an Adam or Tarzan like figure .

-How often do you perform LIVE!? Have you ever been on tour?  Any Los Angeles show coming up!?

I do a lot of open mics here and there but I perform at least Twice a week and yes I have some shows coming up that I will keep you posted on . It will be on my IG and all my social media sites

-What you got cooking next? Anything special for the last quarter of the year!!??

I’m dropping my video for the Title track “The coolest prince in the jungle” and

I’m already actually working on my next album which I’m trying to cull from old school hiphop. Looking back and going to watch on YouTube ,I really love Oldschool music and how those rappers approached hiphop with various dope hooks and titles and melodies and I really will love to reinvent the wheel to an extent if that makes any sense

-Our most popular question, what is your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”?

Underground hiphop means the uncut unalduterated raw purest form of hiphop. The keepers of the lost Art!

-Where can fans find your music? Drop all links!!

Fans can find my music on all my social sites

Twitter @_johnnycrown




-Any Shout Outs??

Sending love to all my friends and family and all the new people that have found me via UndergroundHipHopBlog. I really appreciate this platform and I’ve been a loyal fan for years and will continue to be . Thanks for pushing the culture forward .

New video : The coolest prince in the jungle

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