Q&A Interview With Rising Dallas, TX Based Artist $tar$eed

For all the readers who don’t know who $tar$eed, what part of Dallas are you from?

From Death Valley where the devil conducts business and the angels hold on too loved ones… lol jk I’m from Garland G

How long have you been making music?

Since I was 13 so 13 minus 23…… 10 years

How did you come up with the name $tar$eed?

I’m the child of fucking god

You are of a music collective, or a solo artist?

I would have to say both, I make music with a tremendous amount of artist but my favorite to make music with right now has to be Bealo, and YAH37 plus my Lil bro but Other then that I’m doing me most the time

Congrats on your new project “I Am Everything”. In a short answer, what kind of message you wants listeners to get from it?

Listen to the lyrics… get the punchlines….. and we are everything… everything = God, Alah… whatever you wanna call us.

Who produced the project?

Yours truly

What is your favorite song off the project?

New class of high society

Any new music in the near future?

Most definitely!! 9/11/19 I have another project to be released and it’ll change the world trust!

Your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”?

Good music that has not been noticed by the mainstream crowd due to fuck heads in the industry

Where can fans find your music?

All platforms so Spotify, Apple, soundcloud, etc.

Lastly, any shout outs?

Shout out everyone and everything, everything I see, everyone I meet. It all inspires me also my grandad he isn’t doing too good right now and I really hope he gets better and if not then he’ll be watching over all of us without a body soon.

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