Q&A With Chicago Based Hip Hop Artist KidMed

KidMed, where are you based out of?  How long you’ve been making music?

I am based out of the West side of Chicago. I have been making music seriously since I was 13 years old. I had a rap group called “Point 3” with my best friends Chris & Edgar.

How is the current state of Hip Hop in your city?

The current state of HipHop is ready to be molded in my city. There are a lot of people who are successfully doing their own thing but everybody is doing exactly that… we are working separately and not together. We need something to tie us all together and force us to help each other out.

Who are some of your influences in Hip Hop?

Some of my music influences are Mac Miller, Panic at The Disco, Linkin Park, Kanye West, Juice Wrld, Lil Uzi Vert, & Kid Cudi.

When was it when you knew you can take music and craft to the next level?

I’ve been working hard on being successful in music since I’ve been out of high school. I started by hanging around some people from the art scene who I met at an Open Mic. While working dead end jobs I found a way to balance work & studio time. At one of my jobs I met my best friend Rikkie Khrist. We started making music in his basement and we just clicked. Over the years we managed to create our own record label with our friend James Cam’Ron. We now work as full time musicians now that we signed ourselves to our record label.

Congrats on your latest single campaign for “Redemption”.  How was the response to it?

People loved the song Redemption. Every time I perform it people react well. I am still getting familiar with the release process and it is a lot more than what I’ve been taught.

Any future project in the works?

Thanks to my manager Westley Parker I’ve been able to create a new process for releasing music. We have actually sat down and listened to my music and we now have a plan for releasing my song “In My Bag” by next month. I will be releasing a new song every three weeks.

Anybody you would want to work with?

I am actually interested in working with Franchika. We have spoken about it via Instagram DM & in person as well. I am excited to see what comes out of that. I am also interested in working with Smino & Juice Wrld.

In you own words, what’s your definition of Underground Hip Hop?

Underground HipHop is a place to discover new talented artists. They keep it real.

Where can people find more of your music?

You will soon be able to find my music on iTunes/Spotify but for now you can find my music on SoundCloud.

Any shout outs?

Shout out Big Dave, Shout out the homie Laken, shout out Rikkie Khrist & James Cam’Ron, Shout out Swank PR, Shout out Ovr Lord, shout out my family & my girlfriend.

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