Q&A With Detroit Emcee Bailz

Where are you from & what was it like growing up there?

Southwest Detroit & growing up in Detroit was bittersweet. There was always the fun times but then again there was the hard times too with the gangs, the environment & the drugs that were on the streets. I basically try to figure it out and hold my own for the most part. 

What was the earliest hip hop memory you can recall?

The earliest hip hop memory was listening to music like Kris Kross, watching the clothing trends like gear being worn backwards & shit like The Puppies. They were all kids too & the beats were bangin’. I wanted to imitate everything they was doing at the time!! I loved every moment of those days. 

Who’re some of your biggest influences?

Lil Wayne was one for sure, ‘cause I remember watching his consistency & grind. I was trying to rap like him cause his bars were so dope, I wanted to be a rock star like that guy!! 

Where did your moniker originate?

It comes from my last name, my last name is Bailey & people would call me Bailz for short. It was organic, so it was only right that I rocked with that versus trying to make up a name. 

You’ve been working with DJ Clay for over a decade now. How did your paths cross with one another?

That’s my brother, I actually met him & Big Chief through a close friend when I needed studio time. I came into the studio with a group of people & trying to actually take things serious at the time. They seen something in me, so we continued doing sessions together, signed me to Armed Robbery Entertainment & everything after after that is history.  

Over the weekend, you dropped a new single/video called “Save Me”. What was the inspiration behind it?

That was different cause I’ve been through so much in my past & was always trying to figure out my life, separating myself from people & trying to find peace in my life. It made me realize that I had to put light on the ups & downs & the struggle of every person who had similar situations. The feedback that I’m getting off of that one has been phenomenal. 

You’re set to drop a new mixtape this Saturday called Unreasonable Drought. How does it stand out in comparison to your previous efforts?

This one’s special to me because it’s so timeless. All the songs that’re on this record are all unreleased songs that were previously recorded between 2008 & 2015. These are all tracks that never made the cut on the projects being worked on at the time! It’s crazy ‘cause these songs were all bangers, only they didn’t fit the mixtapes that I was putting out at the time. The fun fact about it is everything I did is what everyone is doing now, only I was doing it back then so this is all perfect timing & to keep it 100: this pandemic fucked the game up. It’s been a unreasonable drought on everything from dope to dope music!!

Our most important question, what is your definition of underground hip hop?

Me, my label-mates my label & everyone else who’s out here really putting the time in to reach there goals. We’re also the definition of independent in the same sense! 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My kids, my life & the culture. There’s been a lot of inspiration around me not only music itself.

Lastly, is there any advice you’d like to give to those trying to set their foot in as recording artists?

Never give up on your goals, stay focused & always stay updated on what’s new & what’s to come cause you can get lost trying to figure out your plans. Never let no one tell you differently cause it’s about your brand & what you trying to do to level up! 

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Just a 27 year old guy from Detroit, Michigan who passionately loves hip hop culture & music as a whole

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