Q&A With New San Antonio, TX Based Underground Hip Hop Group Mic Murderers

Whats Up Mic Murderers! We really enjoyed your new album “Panoramic”, one of our main contributors BOOM even gave it an 8/10!! FIRE!! How long have you guys been making music? What area code(s) do you all rep!? When and where did you guys decide to create a group?

Heresy: We have been making music together for 5 years now, But Mic Murderers is only about 3 years old. We rep San Antonio Tx 210. I put the group together after always wanting a group like Wu-Tang.

Skitzo: been writing rhymes ever since I was a kid, started making beats when i was 13, but didn’t start taking it all serious til I was about 16 when JJ and I started our group ‘Kollapse’. All born and raised in San Antonio, 210. And we had already been doing music together, but Mic Murderers is Heresy’s creation, he wanted JJ and I to be apart of it.

What separates your guys from other Hip Hop groups? Any Hip Hop group influences?

Heresy: I think we try to hit most styles of hip hop without compromising our Skill, Lyrics, or Flow. Personally influenced by Suicide Boys, Wu-Tang, & BrainSick Musik

Skitzo: we have subject matter, but tell our stories from our personal experiences, so can always expect something different from each verse we put out.  And my personal influences, Bone Thugs, Three 6 Mafia, and Tech N9ne

JJ: We honestly just try to better our styles and make it to be the best…Tech N9ne is a heavy influence on my chopping, but as far as being the best I’ve looked up to many rock/metal bands too. I want to make Great Albums, not just a song here and there.

Lets face it, social media since 2015 has grown tremendously, especially IG!!! Tell us how is your IG grind is looking, and how has the team been able to keep up with the high demand on social media?

Heresy: We actually have switched most of our promoting and advertisements to IG because of the higher conversion rate and the number of influences we generate simply overshadows those used by its parent company Facebook

Skitzo: honestly I’m not a big social guy, so I let JJ and Heresy do most of the promoting and social media work, while I’m on the sidelines mixing, or making beats

JJ: Yo IG has indeed been crazy lately! I’m constantly uploading pictures of what I do on a daily basis too, just so everyone can see the human side of us haha.

How do you guys go over the production you decide to record over?? Your beat selections is super crazy!!!

Heresy: Our very own Skitzo produces the majority if not all of our songs and we have been on the same music vibe for years now so we find it easy to choose or make beats to go over

Skitzo: I basically just make beat after beat, send them batches, and we choose from those along with any other beats from other producers

JJ: Yeah, Skitzo is the brains for the most part, I just rap and try to be super social so everyone can like us! Forreal though, we simply just have the same mindset with whatever we decide to throw on top of a beat.

Please breakdown the creative process to your latest album “Panoramic ”?

Heresy: We wanted to make an album that EVERYONE would enjoy, and at the same time showcase all the sub genres that hip hop has to offer. Skitzo sent us beats and we all came up with different hooks and song ideas, and the end result is a beautiful piece of collaboration.

Skitzo: We go more off of who came up with an idea first to the beat first, whoever lays the hook or first verse, we go off of that.

JJ: When we came up with a concept for the album we actually tried to make it follow through. We want people to hear “Panoramic” and actually see the definition behind the music and title.

How often do you guys perform live?? Any indie DIY tours in the works?

Heresy: When were not recording or working we try to stay busy by doing shows every month atleast, we have tours on the brain and are currently working to get something going with the homie T-Zank a close collaborator from Indiana.

Skitzo: the live shows always come in at random, but for sure we’re always talking touring. That’s the goal at the moment

JJ: We do indeed have lots of live shows… At times we’ll go a while without anything, but then hit a stack of shows in a month’s span. Touring is the dream, and lately it feels like something BIG is gonna happen due to this album..

How do you guys feel about the whole MUMBLE RAP XAN & LEAN trend these kids nowadays are on!!!..LOL??? Be honest, do you gentleman use some of that stuff??..LOL

Heresy: I personally thinks its stupid to promote drug use and the music that comes from it is about as irrelevant as the movement itself. I just smoke herb and use psychedelics.

Skitzo: I think it’s dumb to PROMOTE it, but it’s different when it’s part of your life and it actually need. I use xans for my anxiety but only when I really need to, smoking bud is my way to get through everything, I try to stay high all day everyday so my mind isn’t everywhere, and I use psychedelics when I’m in a funk, or lost in my head on what comes next in my life, sounds like a bad idea but I always go in with good intentions

JJ: I’m actually the most “Sober” in the group lmao. Weed is always there, but honestly I could care less about it. I do enjoy having a badass night with some alcohol and weed, but I don’t like loosing control of my mind and body so I have my limits.

What you guys got cooking next? Any special for the new year 2018!!??

Heresy: Lots of visuals for the album along with plenty of live performances! Maybe even some new music!

Skitzo: A lot more videos, a mixtape killing industry beats, an ep, and probably another album, and for sure the shows will keep coming in as we keep moving forward.

JJ: Definitely more music.. Prepare for some solo work from me as well. Doing my own thing at times was always a dream. I’ll make sure music is constant for the fans.

Where do see yourselves in 5yrs? (2023)?

Heresy: We hope to be touring full-time and able to be well established as artists in this industry

Skitzo: Were gonna be the worlds humblest touring artists, always meeting and making new fans, investing, and curving bitches who didn’t feel for us before lol

JJ: I pray in five years we are well off, my family and friends are out seeing the world with us… We’ve all worked so hard yo, I think it’s time we enjoy this earth and explore it.

Where can fans find your music? Drop all links!!

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4oS2AdxVst6672vgMVQL43

AppleMusic: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1309213919

Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1309213919?ls=1&app=itunes

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/micmurderers/sets/panoramic

Any new shout outs?

Heresy: Successful Music, Prozak, Basik, UghhBLOG & Backdoorhiphop

Skitzo: All my closest supporters, they know who they are!

Successful Music, SouthKross, Dead Gang,

my family, and my girl and baby, y’alls motivation is the reason I’m still here

JJ: S/O to my family, as always… Successful Music, Basik, Spy, Minus and all the homies from S.A (You too Tico LOL) Love you guys and the fans who have made this journey possible!

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