Q&A With New York’s Ian Sean , Talks New Album “If Nothing Else”


1) What is your earliest HipHop Memory ?

I’m from the Bronx so the hip hop influences were all around wether your walking out your house looking out the window, at school even, someone has a boom box (showing my age) a Walkman,and it’s being played without remorse it’s just in your face so by time I was ten I was fully invested without even knowing a spell has been casted onto me…(Q1)

2) What are some of your biggest musical influences ?

My influence is drawn from life itself I loved how creative and descriptive some people can be. And I always connected with that.My first raps I scrapped early because I couldn’t think of cool slang without mimicking already prominent rappers. My ears were always to the streets so my influence came from quotes and phrases (from movies,poems, the funny guy at the party) I thought were cool and wanted to coin my own phrases (Q2)

3) Where did your brand originate ?

The brand was always there I couldn’t think of a creative enough name and then it hit me. My name sounds like an author or someone you should be familiar with outside of music as an overall writer so I just kept it original and chose my middle name as my stage name. I don’t write anymore for a few reasons
but I’m a writer at heart. And Ian Sean rhymes with so many things and has a ring to it. All bias aside wink wink (Q3)

4)You recently dropped a new project called “If Nothing Else”  How did that come about ?

Well I started my music career late in comparison to the most artist. Just last year I dropped a 3song ep
LIFE LOVE DEATH where I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from the small demographic that’s heard of it. This time
I labeled the project IF NOTHING ELSE
Because if I die or remove myself from music at least I gave it a solid effort with my genuine thoughts and perspective on multiple issues.In my mind I make classic timeless shit but sadly it’s not up to me how my career pans out.
So this go round I’m taking it little more serious proving it’s not a fluke and I can make quality and quantity and no topic sounds the same the flow the beat the mood is different,even my voice at times I’m just trying keep the art pure which is difficult at times when success is measured by monetary gain and not the impact of your words or your talent or your actions in society.. “it doesn’t matter if it takes you 2years 2months or you create it in 2min they’ll only listen to the first 20 seconds and be like I didn’t like it”
Even myself can be found guilty of this
And that’s why I titled it IF NOTHING ELSE
I gave you a real piece of me (Q4)


5)Can we expect videos for the project?
I embrace all aspects of my creativity so I’m always thinking of how to connect the visuals with the the music or just in general how shall I capture the camera angles, the locations etc,
But the hold up is being a perfectionist and finding the right people who see the vision and will take it as serious as I will. So to answer the question Yes videos will launch but no time table yet due to the state of the world.It has limited me and made me push back even the release date of the project (which is out now somewhere on the internet) but I will not put it out visuals until I truly believe it’s ready and special enough to share (Q5)

6)Our most important question, what is your definition of Underground HipHop ?

This is layered question that needs to be broken down.An entire article could be written on this topic alone honestly.
Hip Hop is always changing that is the one constant. Some are pushing the needle forward making me proud and elevating the skill level ,while others (the majority) are furthering the stereotypes and negative associations with the culture. It’s to the point it’s a cop out to me to still reference certain topics with the same old ass perspective. I listen to ignorant violent senseless shit sometimes too but i can differentiate between fact vs fiction and still live life on my morals without being influenced but I’m an adult and been considered an old soul.
So to me underground is the unapologetic real ness mixed with great insight communicated thru a coded language wether it’s bridging the gap between past present and future something informative Or just being really unique in your approach. I think that’s where the underground thrives. My only thing with underground is the support is so low that many talented artists fall waste side and never get to achieve their full potential or even get recognized and that’s where the problem is. That’s why people “sell out” (Q6)


7) how have you been dealing with all the craziness of 2020?

Besides deadlines not being met which isn’t the biggest deal for me now because no one cares or many aren’t familiar with who I am, it didn’t hurt me to the degree as the artist on the brink of breaking thru
So for me my routine enhanced in positive ways more quality time to bettering myself and getting clearer visions of my future amongst the uncertainty of the world.
So I’m in a good space and expecting great things from myself (Q7)

8)Anything else you are working on right now?

I’m always working on something wether it’s a feature verse or a collab project from one of the few groups I’m associated with
But fingers crossed I’ll have another solo album done and released by the end of the year I guess I’ll share the title in the near future. It’s about 60-70% percent created to date (Q8)


9)Do you have any advice for artists starting their journey?

I’m not that far along in my career to give advice even tho my talent level is goat status. I haven’t proven/accomplished anything yet
So I’ll share my roadblocks and maybe you can get to your destination quicker
Get around people who inspire you
People who take it serious or want similar levels of success
Embrace people make
genuine connections if you play the networking game just do it with integrity and not to just use people for their potential resource
And remember art is subjective you never know what will stick never lose that believe but be mindful of constructive criticism know what you are willing to change and stick to what your not willing to change about your image your actions your art. Because the listeners of today are connecting with you beyond the music sad reality I know but that’s what it is (Q9)


10) Lastly where can readers find your social media ?

I’m mainly on IG @ian__sean
Twitter same handle @ian__sean
If made it this far thanks for reading taking an interest peace an blessing

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