Q&A With New York’s Rising Hip Hop Artist Blass 89

We really love when we come across such great Hip Hop talent! By far, you are one of the sickest MC’s out in 2017 in my book! You definitely has some BANGERS on that project!! How long have you been rapping Blass 89, how did you end up with your MC name? And what influenced you into becoming a rapper?

That means a lot, to me, thank you. I’ve been rapping since 2012; before that, I was a vocalist for a post-hardcore band from the Bronx, for about 4-5 years. You should hear my first “hip hop” track; terrible.

I was very confused, when it came to my MC name. I started off as Artie Savage, and thank god I changed it. The reason behind it, was my friends kept calling me by my nickname; which is BLASS, which is short for Blasco, my first name. I added the 89 because of the year I was born, and because it was the first tag name I had used, when I was doing graffiti, back in the day.

I give all credit to my homies Hough (best rapper alive) & Nöel, because after my band split, I was very lost. They knew I sang, so they wanted to see what I can bring to the table. I saw Hough record a verse, which I’ve never seen before, and it lit a fire in me. I wanted to rap. The experiences, after, were extremely humbling. Shit, the fire is still lit, though.

If you were not rapping, what you do you picture yourself doing? Is rapping your Plan A or Plan B in life?

I wouldn’t say that rapping was my Plan A or Plan B, but music always was. This is all I really know, and all I ever cared about. It’s been there for me, through the darkest times. I owe my entire being to music, and since rapping is apart of me, I will continue to devote my life to it, until I can help other’s get their shine. I’ve decided to put myself on the cross, but first you have to carry it. Expression is liberation.

Your voice and style is real different and original! How important is ORIGINALITY to you?

Originality is hard, man. I won’t front like I’m not influenced, because I am. If Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Chino Moreno from Deftones were to have a kid, and somehow Daryl Palumbo from Glassjaw got his semen into the mix, they would name that baby BLASS 89. I took all my influences, and made my own sound; It’s only right to give credit, but growing up and not fitting in also molded my style. I still have this fucking chip on my shoulder, yet it’s not what drives me, anymore.

Your new album is super RAW and cutting edge! Take us through the creative process to your album! Who did the album artwork?

Thank you, for real. I told myself that if I were to die after the release of this album, then shit, I’d die a happy man. I left it all on the line. My creative process has changed, because I write songs to cater to how I would perform them live. If you’ve ever seen me at a live show, I’m a mad man. I feed off my adrenaline, and treat the show as if it’s a post-hardcore show. That, and I smoke a ton of weed, and zone out to beats. It’s a beautiful thing when the production is so good, that you can’t help but write. Lastly, a lot of Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Al Green. Those guys wrote HITS!

Shouts to my manager, Gina Guzman, for taking the picture. My brother, Nick, did the editing. I love my team. Wanted it to look fucking metal.

How important are music videos to you? How often are you planning on pushing music videos?

It’s vital, because it helps capture what you’re saying, visually. Personally, though, I don’t like being the center of attention, in music videos. I feel like everything I’m saying, is visual enough. I wouldn’t say I’m shy, but I feel like my music doesn’t need a face, just a pulse.

Are you chasing the labels? Trying to get signed? Or do you plan on staying indie/underground?

Realistically, I want to be able to tour for as long as I can. There’s no drug like performing your own shit. If there’s a label that wants to help make that dream come true, then we’d have to work something out. For the most part, I’m enjoying the indie/underground experience. It’s raw, and the process of creating a fan base has been organic. Truly inspiring shit.

Any new projects in the works?

I’ve been active, just stacking the vault. I already have another album, titled “Broken Happy” basically completed. Just needs the mixing & mastering, and BUH! I’m going to collab with my homie, Jay Wirth, and release a joint project before the album. Expect another mixtape, and collaborations. I’m working, mang.

Being from the New York, how has your city influence your music? Huge Hip Hop scene out there!

Nas is my God, DMX is my spirit, Ol’ Dirty Bastard is my conscious. It’s a cesspool of talent, here. Always has been. Mostly, it comes down to money. I understand that it’s also a business, but my live shows are where I get the most feedback. I’m not outlandish, as most New Yorkers. I’ve performed in shorts, and sandals, before. When I hit the stage, people don’t know what to expect, until I hit them. As vibrant as New York is, it’s super competitive, which personally, I love. It makes me want to be the best, and I have to get through all these motherfuckers to prove it. Unity matters, but competition keeps the blood pumping.

Your definition on “Underground Hip Hop”.

Comes from the heart, and if it ain’t real, people will know. You can’t fake the front, and your word is bond.

Drop your links

Twitter: BLASS89 (Most active account)
Instagram: Fingers2Fat
Youtube: BLASS 89
Facebook: BLASS1989

Any shout outs?

Thank you, for listening, and for giving me a great experience with UGHH.

Thanks to my family, for keeping me at bay.

My management: Gina Guzman & Evan Biss

Artists that helped me grow: THE iNFVMXUS (Ant De La Vega, MvrzyFlux, Smack Tuf, Smokeface Lza), My engineer, Cauze & the whole Coalishun family, Hough, Nöel, Jay Wirth, thefame (amazing fucking artist), Papi Bodega, Richard Pigkaso, Old News Boy, Max Controverse, Rotsen, RoseGold Hov, Chuby God, Rio Azul, All the producers on my latest project, especially JayNinetyTrey, Kareful, P.A.Mike, Money Montage, and to the homie, AJ Chiarella (The Donck)

Friends that helped me grow: Nellz, Marc Aleman, Pedro Abreu, Tiffany Zondorak, Karla Canales, Nessa, Kelvin Alfonso, Cream, Strife, Luther Hadley, Izzy Fresh, Rawlie P., Drew Lara, Nick Di Napoli, Louis, My old bandmates, Kaisy Cruz, and of course, my cousin Will Torres. I forget a ton, but I can ramble, forever. Love all of y’all though.

Without y’all, I wouldn’t be here. Peace & Progress. UGHH is the shit, ya heard?

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