Q&A With Perris, CA Based Underground Hip Hop Artist RudySamA

We want to thank you RudySamA for dropping yet another solid project in 2019 “Love You 2”,  We want to let all fans know that your a true underground Hip Hop artist, your style and sound is truly original and extremely different then anything we have come across online.  Give us a background on where your from again?  Perris?  Pretty unfamiliar city in SoCal, is it not?

Yeah Perris is a small town located in the riverside county section of the Inland Empire. It’s a tight nit community with a lot of hometown pride. It’s not crime infested but like every place things can get ruff. For the most part it’s a working class suburb though.

We have been networking since Dec 2018!!  We remember your first BLOG post “Relics EP”, since then and now, please describe the growth and progression in your music career?

Oh man I’ve really been focused on promoting my music since than. Finding an audience outside of my local area as well as establishing myself as an artist has been so much fun. The work truly pays off at the end when the labor is grown from love.

We love your dark melodic (maybe a little angry..LOL) style of Hip Hop, you go really deep in all your tracks!!  What’s the story behind your unique style and sound in your music.

Wow thank you it means a lot to receive positive feedback! To some showing emotions is a weakness but in reality it’s what makes us human along with what really shows strength. My music is love. From the instrumentals I make to my bars it’s all just a canvas that I use to create audio art. I find that light truly shines brightest in the dark which is why the sound of my instrumentals are dark or angry yet my content is more on the conscious side of the spectrum.

What is your brand really about?  What is your mission statement to all new ears that come across your music for the first time, what is your message to them?

I intend to reach those who are willing to listen to content, who understand substance, and for those who know themselves as well as for the lost. I make music for all occasions life may have and leave it wide open for interpretation. My message can be seen as deep to some and as shallow as a puddle to others. I speak from an introverted perspective leaving a message that’s over all positive and uplifting.

Congrats on success of your follow up album, “Love You 2”. Feel free to breakdown the creative process of the project. (features, production, etc). Where can people find the project?

Well the creative process is always my favorite part of music. This was made in a continuous format proceeding from where “love you “ left off. At work I would get inspired to make a beat so during my lunch break I would go start making the instrumental in my car. Once I finished I brainstormed about how the beat made me feel and from there I began to lace the track. I wanted to give off an eerie yet comforting vibe. The only way I could achieve this was by doing it all myself from scratch. It was truly an amazing and self gratifying process.

Any plans on going on tour, or are you planning on some shows?  How often do you perform?

I would like to go on tour and do shows more often but my work situation limits that some what. I try to perform at least once a month now at open mics or at any event that fits within my schedule. Currently I’ve been performing for events organized by an artist known as yung miss. On 4/20/19 my boy Upr!ze and I are an opening act for kushstock festival in adelanto ca.

Wow…Boom, One of our senor writers and considered one of the most credible Hip Hop journalists had the opportunity to review your new project yet again!!!  He gave it a 7/10!!! Not bad!!  Did you get a chance to read the review?

I’m so grateful that he enjoyed this project and I’m honored to be praised in such high regards. I read the review and was happy to see that my sequel project was received so well. My music is dope as fuck so it’s cool to see people enjoy it.

We are an LA based Hip Hop website, so I’m sure you heard that Nipsey Hussle got gunned down out here in these LA streets.  What are your thoughts about this latest Hip Hop tragedy?  Ever heard of him before?

If you live in SoCal you know of Nipsey Hussle, he was legendary. I wasn’t always listening to his music and in fact I slept on his latest Grammy nominated album until his passing. The underline issue is that a smart, successful, influential artist was taken from his family. People should focus on that. Hopefully people can learn from his legacy. I don’t dive into the conspiracy theories for one simple fact. Social media is mainstream media now. If anything is meant to be hidden it wouldn’t be able to get on social media.

Where can people find you on the Internet? Drop all the vital links.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3l8w70AG6AfaOWmlmLcQal?si=ZShHvo8fQtuVKF4forpiKA

Pandora: https://www.pandora.com/artist/rudysama/love-you-2-explicit/ALP4PhckXZ6bmv6?part=ug&corr=86322077

Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-you-2/1451663589

Lastly, and shout out?

Yo I wouldn’t be able to do this without my mom and dad. I love those two. Also big ups to my team Xydewayz8 (Upr!ze, roo$kie, Murx, beaker, Golden galo, Emcee p-nutty, Exon, duck beats)

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