Q&A With Philadelphia’s 570JV

– What city are you from and how long have you been making music?

I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania But I Moved To Williamsport, Pennsylvania at a young age.

– With a name like 570JV, we have to ask, how did you come up with that?

It’s the area code of where I’m from in Pennsylvania, alongside my initials J and V.

– Congrats on the success on your new EP, “Foundation!“. Who did you link up with for the production of this project?

I linked up with well known producer Khroam, RNE LM Beats, DrumDummie, ProofOnTheTrack, And Palaze Beats

– We notice your addition on this year’s official SXSW roster list. What showcases are you performing at this year?

I’m Performing At The #SXSWTAKEOVER Event March 16th with JID, Flip Deniro and some more Raw talent

– What advice to you have to up-comers like yourself who strive to make the moves you are making currently?

Keep grinding, never give up, believe and invest in your self if you have to. Just never quit, I went through some hard things to get to where I am now.

– If your own words, what is the definition of “underground hip hop”?

I feel like it’s a phrase you would use to define real rap artists that can give you bars back to back, with no hesitation but at the same time they’re not getting that recognition they deserve because they’re not doing what’s main stream right now.

– What other music are you working on this year?

I’m in full album mode, maybe one more EP before the album. I’m not really rushing anything, it’s all gonna come together very soon.

– Where can we find more of your music?

Everywhere you can listen to music, you can listen to me. Just search my name up “570JV”

– Lastly, any shout outs?

Shoutout to God first and foremost, shoutout to my whole entire family who have been supporting me, shoutout to my beautiful girlfriend and her whole family, shoutout to Heavyweight Global and Heavyweight Sounds, shoutout to my guy Brandon, And shoutout to my manager Mal. Y’all all keep me going with the music, Thank You!

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