Q&A With Rising Hip Hop Artists Almighty (Midvs & TitleDking)

Q&A With Rising Hip Hop Artists Almighty (Midvs & TitleDking)

Hey Almighty Midvs/TitleDking! Much respect on your new album “Good”. We appreciate solid music, especially from true up and coming MC’s out of Detroit. Please tell me how long have you guys been making music? Where are you from? Do you remember where you were at exactly when you wrote your first track!!?

Almighty- We have been making music for about a year now. Midvs- Baltimore, MD and TitleDking- Detroit, MI. We were in our studio when we wrote our first track.

OMG!!! Your voices are possibly some of the most freshest outputs for indie Hip Hop in 2017!!! Super original as well. How do you guys describe your sound? Please let us know who sings and raps? I still can’t figure who is the one with that super dope voice?…LOL

Almighty- Haha, thanks for the compliment! We describe our sound to be a subcategory of an Aggressive Trap Soul sound which also is Melodic. We actually both sing and rap. Haha you would have to tell us which song you’re referring to.

Much respect for serving in the Army National Guard & The Department of Veteran Affairs. The founder of the BLOG is a retired Corpman who served in Iraq. How has the military effected your music in any way? Positive or Negative?

Almighty- Thanks, to add to that I would say yes and no. The positive is that through the military I am able to network with a lot of people. The negative is that I’m not always available to make events and make music for periods of time.

Tell us about your Hip Hop and/or music influences? Any local hometown influences? Was there anyone in your life that motivated your to STEP IT UP when it comes to making dope Hip Hop?

Almighty- Our music influences is definitely Kanye West, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi and Tory Lanez. Our local hometown influence was Lonnie Moore and Sam Cook. Being around local artist and witnessing the trials and tribulations they went through showed us to do the complete opposite.

Please breakdown the creative process of your latest album “GOOD”.

Almighty- The creative process for making “GOOD” started when we made the track “Die Slow” and basically built from there which every track came from real life events.

What are you looking forward to for 2017? Anything you going to be doing differently compared to past years?

Almighty- For 2017 we are looking for more exposure for our “GOOD” project and more visuals to add to our collection.

This year we will stop doing local shows and start branching out to other cites / states.

Any pressuring situations before you decided to push your album? Did everything work out according to plan?

Almighty- No we didn’t have any pressuring situations before we dropped “GOOD” we just started from nothing. No not at all, things didn’t go according to plan but we were able to manage.

Any new projects coming out!?

Almighty- “Aye Title did the new project come in yet?” “Everything’s top secret!” lol just know we could drop another project at any moment.

Rappers nowadays think by throwing up a few videos up on social media and pushing quick projects, they can blow up overnight! Give us your view on how over saturated the market is right now with so many MC’s/Producers but not to many quality music.

Almighty- We can’t really speak on it due to the fact that we’re doing the same thing “BUT” with quality music that we record/ engineer on our own lol.

How often do you guys perform LIVE? Any shows lined up in the near future?

Almighty- We perform live at least once a month to maintain a presence. As of right now we don’t but we are willing to be booked and travel!

Here it is! Our most popular question! What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

Almighty- Original to a certain extent.

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.

Almighty- They can follow us on soundcloud at

They can follow

Midvs at

and can also follow

TitleDking at

Lastly, and shout out?

Almighty- Shout out to GOD!

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