Q&A With Rising UK Based Underground Hip Hop Artist Loot Stacz

We are extremely excited to have featured your latest album “The Bar Code”, being an artist we never of heard before this, please tell us who is Loot Stacz? Where part of UK are you based out of? When/Where did your career all start? Why move from New Zealand to the UK?

Loot Stacz is an artist that tries to uphold the fundamentals of Hip Hop.  I want to uplift and inspire people with my music.  I am still in the process of learning my craft but my potential is exponential. (Bars)  I currently live in London, England.  Throughout my childhood in New Zealand, I had been writing rhymes. Probably since I was 8. But I decided to take this seriously about five years ago.  I made the move to the UK to pursue the music career. I hope one day to move to the U.S.

We notice your style is super original and very creative. Let us know how your style if different than all the rap artists out there!

My style is very unique. My pen game has always been my strength, but could never rap fast and was never on the double time flows, so I knew I had to compensate with an intricate array of penmanship.  What separates me from other artists is the fact that I have a large vocabulary. I am educated. I spent many years at university and still today read the dictionary.  I truly believe that as a lyricist, my words are my weapons. So I keep them in my repertoire.

ROLLING LOUD!!! Seems to be the one Festival all artists want to be a part of!! Any plans on getting on a festival on that scale? Are you touring this 2019 year?

I would love to be part of a festival of that scale! Something like that will be an amazing opportunity.  I want to be part of the Worldunderground competition again this year. I look forward to that!  I don’t have plans to tour in 2019 as yet, but that can be something we can look at for the future.

Let us know about the creative process behind your new album “The Bar Code”, and plans on shooting more videos off the album?

I enjoy the creative process the most. For this album, and any verse I do, to be fair, I usually re-write it 2-3 times or until I’m happy.  I usually sit with the instrumental for a while just brainstorming the topic.  When I write, I don’t like to write in this dimension. I like to use abstract thought concepts. To take the listener to another location.  I think about that a lot when I wrote the album.  I would like to shoot another one or two more videos off the album. We haven’t finalised which ones yet, but that is definitely something we will do in the next few months.

When are you planning on dropping another project in 2019?

I have already started working on my next project. I am working on a 4-5 track EP with SK1 Beats.  We will be looking to release the project mid 2019.  Being a UK-based artist, are there any Hip Hop influences you have in the underground game that is based out of the UK or even New Zealand?  To be honest no. There are plenty of dope artists in the U.K. and in N.Z. But none that have overtly influenced me.  I always drew influence from U.S. artists.

How does social media playing a role in your success? How are fans/supporters helping your movement?

If I’m honest, social media is something I need to be better at. I need to devote more time in growing and interacting with the fan base.  I always appreciate the people that support me! I will never be able to get anywhere with out the support of the loyal fans.

With this being an underground hip hop site, we always ask this important question. What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

Underground Hip Hop is always a reflection of real society. The issues that plague people can be heard within it, before It hasn’t been quietened by mainstream.  Underground hip hop is a place where some of the greatest lyricists reside.

Where can people find you on the Internet? Drop all the vital links.


Instagram @lootstacz


Lastly, and shout out?

Shout out to SK1 Beats for producing this dope album.  Thanks to everyone that continues to support me through this journey. I’m looking forward 2019 and beyond.  Lastly thanks to Underground Hip Hop blog for the interview!

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