4thg3ar – “The Essence of My Energy” (Album Review)

Fayvetteville-by-way-of-Atlanta, 4thg3ar is a new sensation in the Underground making a lot of noise right now and only getting louder. Ready to expand his profile, 4thg3ar unveils his debut album, entitled, ‘The Essence of My Energy’. Eager to stimulate one’s inteillect, the ATL act shows his coragious attitude and more to applease the masses.

Diving into his personal beliefs, 4thg3ar’s debut project unveils everything about the up-and-coming star. Allowing ups and downs to define him, 4thg3ar allows his heart and mind to produce his best work to-date. A unique presence, ‘The Essence of My Energy’ is an introduction to the world of a soon-to-be marquee recording artist.

Listen to ‘The Essence of My Energy’ by 4thg3ar below, courtesy of Spotify.

Its admorable listening to 4thg3ar rejouice throughout his debut. Opening up throught revelations, the newcomer’s introduction is filled with lucrative flow. Surprisingly, 4thg3ar takes control and spawned his best work yet. Interesting enough, 4thg3ar isn’t anxious to shine but does it naturally by being himself.

Not to underestimate, 4thg3ar’s essence sounds organically nurtured. Fine ironed with a personal touch, the energy is nothing short of masterpiece. The sound is personal and its resignated in every boom, behind the boards connected with the rising star and created an aura that couldn’t be replicated. The production builds a lasting reputation the fans will enjoy and anticipate in the follow up sure to come.

After hearing, ‘The Essence of My Energy’ its easy to speak highly of his work. 4thg3ar grows on you with his first impression as he gets spiritual with his beliefs. Proceeding as planned, 4thg3ar comes off easy going, apporachable, and vibrant on the debut effort. Best described as uplifting, ‘The Essence of My Energy’ is much-needed in today’s Hip-Hop. It’s plentiful, promising, and overall remarkable.

Ranking: 8/10

Highlights: Energy

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