A1 – “The Sauz” EP (Review)

Up-and-coming Los Angeles, California-based Puerto Rican underground Hip Hop artist A1 releases his second EP titled, ‘The Sauz’. His latest EP features the Bilingual MC putting his verbal skills on full display by flowing effortlessly in both English and Spanish without skipping a beat. This seven-track tape contains an array of latin influenced tropical instrumentals produced by Aaron P in collaboration with Travis Taylor and Mr. Sebs.

Hear A1’s new EP, ‘The Sauz’ below, courtesy of SoundCloud.

Aaron P’s production is deeply-rooted on the project and equalize A1’s gritty street influence. Containing various elements of signature island vibes and instruments. While street, the production arranges a heavy dance sound that all-ages will enjoy from beginning to end. Sticking to a traditional sound makes for a great soundtrack for A1’s impactful multi-cultural sound.

A1’s lyricism is potent with the bilingual aspect. While drowned by the production, the lyrics are consistently solid and captures the heart of newfound fans gradually. The bilingual attraction is impressive and builds longevity for a new star’s career. Being a crossover talent is perfect for A1’s sound and being able to give the fans what they want and still remain his own entity.

Overshadowed by the overdosed dance vibe, A1’s street mentality is quickly washed away by the element to move your feet. Being traditional is culturally appropriate for the heritage of the Puerto Rican star; however, it dissolves the attitude that A1 portrays but it doesn’t dissolve A1’s creative wordplay. A1 is definitely that behind the mic and whether you want to dance or nod your head from the thought-provoking rhymes, ‘The Sauz’ is an EP that will keep your attention from beginning to end.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Production

Follow A1 on Twitter: @AOnenwg

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