Album Review: 2 Man Cypher (Cincinnati, OH) – Queen City Bastards LP

2 Man Cypher “Queen City Bastards” most likely will be the hottest Underground Hip Hop LP for 2014 in our books.  This group consisting of Sleep & Cocaine Chris coming out of Cincinnati,OH, these two MC’s complement each other very well spitting fire track after track.  This 12 track LP features Koren Jackson, Mike Tombs, Trademark Aaron & Nick Pedigo and cuts by DJ Madhandz all these MC’s blend in well with the whole concept of “Queen City Bastards”.  From beginning to end this LP offers you a hardcore, Dark and organic, overwhelming songs with the true essence and perspective of what Hip Hop in 2014 and moving forward is supposed to sound like.

Heavy Beats mixed and mastered very well, Quality Rhymes and punch lines and most importantly the “Back and Forth” rhyme pattern these two MC’s have mastered showing all Hip Hop critics what a Hip Hop group in supposed to sound like, a super group and a force to be reckoned with. Tracks like “The Hunted“, “Lady in Black“, “Sad World” & “Project 48” are tracks that really hit me hard turning me into a true fan and made me realize the ARTFORM is sill alive and well protected by Sleep & Cocaine Chris.  For anybody reading to review please download this album and play it from front to back and trust me “YOU WILL INSTANTLY BECOME A FAN!!!!”  ///

2 Man Cypher is a two-man group consisting of Sleep and Cocaine Chris from Cincinnati, OH. Also a part of the online supergroup “The Fraternity”. Project 48 is a song/video to introduce the 2 lyricists to the rap game. “Queen City Bastards” LP DOWNLOAD LINK:

“Queen City Bastards” LP DOWNLOAD LINK:


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