Album Review: A-Bomb – “The Movie” (Remixed)

A-Bomb has created a sound that will absolutely Dominate the indie Hip Hop scene.  His latest Album “The Movie” (Remixed) has to be one of the dopest Albums by far for 2015.  Consisting of 12 solid songs that will get your head banging back and forth throughout the whole listening experience.  His voice, style, cadence & delivery is very smooth aggressive and most importantly full of conviction.  Speaking about much popular street Hip Hop topics that only the best of the best could make sound great.  Most importantly his song writing and structure ability is on a A+ level.  He really know how to attract any Hip Hop listener in the world.

The beats are hella BANGERS for sure.  What I noticed the most is the proper Mixing and Mastering, not risking anything and only putting out perfect music.  Nowadays it’s almost indie industry standard to showcase super quality music that is not rushed during the mastering process.  So for A-Bomb he really know the waters that we in and he wont ever set the bar any lower for his sake.  From “Fast Money”, “Criminal”, “Bombie” & “The Movie” along with every song on this Remixed version of this project is very respectable.  A-Bomb will honestly BLOW UP very soon.  And we are blessed to contribute to his exposure and success in this game………………


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