Album Review: AM ONER – “GTFOHWTBS” (Get The F*** Outta Here With That Bulls***)

AM ONER - GTFOHWTBS (Get The F Otta Here With That Bulls)

Finally we have met a MC in the LA So-Cal area that we can say we RESPECT in the game.  AM ONER is a true So-Cal Underground Hip Hop Veteran respected by all his peers in the LA greater area and also worldwide.  Its been a long time coming but he finally decided to drop his Debut Album “GTFOHWTBS” (Get The F*** Outta Here With That Bulls***).  An Album that displays his trials, tribulations, ups, downs & most importantly his Raw Hip Hop talent throughout his seasoned career.  The story-telling on this project is on the highest caliber possible along with his song structure and intelligent substance.  Everything he spits about is 100% Fact regarding his opinion on the over saturation of MC’s, Bull Shit Talent out nowadays and the current fate of Indie Hip Hop for 2015.

He is really a MC’s MC if you know what I mean.  His music and material is for the Real Hip Hop head out there that wants to listen to super quality material.  Every single song on this album from the dope intro “PSA” to the last “Dreams” I can honestly say will burn a memory in your brain about AM ONER.  His delivery is by far his best attribute, coming off really aggressive, very articulate yet with a steady and smooth sound that will intimidate the best of the best in MC’s out there in the Underground game.

Its our job to make sure all UGHHBLOG fans know about AM ONER and follow his powerful movement and career.  He is a True Underground Hip Hop artist and for all you scumbags that support that Wack Shit, well just stay out of his way!!!

Late Night Session“, “Stay Tuned” & “The Struggle Is Real” are super solid Underground Hip Hop songs that really embraces the LA Underground scene.  AM ONER has earned his position as one of the best in the LA Underground Hip Hop community and honestly he burns away 95% of these clowns out here LITERALLY.  ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

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