Album Review: Calicokid (Santa Ana, CA) – “Intergalactic High”

A profound amount of intellectual, conscious, deep emotion dark tempered lyrics is what this album holds, alongside some dope SMOKER songs.  Speaking from the heart is what Calicokid (Immortal Minds) is doing on his most recent Album titled ” Intergalactic High“, incorporating RAW Underground influenced sounds with a true smokers experience.  Out here in the SoCal area its hard to find anyone who doesn’t smoke good kush nowadays, so that being said these album really caters to those people who are looking for some great Hip Hop to relate too while rolling up a fat ass blunt.  Calicokid is based out of the O.C. SoCal area so out of all people he should know how over saturated the Hip Hop scene is out here.  Realizing that making great gravitating album is the minimum requirement to make some noise out here, and he accomplished just that.

A deep song to absorb is “Pen Pal” which has a powerful message, story & overall a great Hip Hop output with a crazy deep beat speaking on his experiences on a friend in the past he had.  The production throughout this entire project is great, all beats having a heavy Conscious Underground Influenced sound which is very important.  The beat on “Nineteen Eighty Four” is super dope along side with the lyrics layered over it ( A straight up BANGER).  His cadence and lyrical delivery is very smooth, aggressive and very unique for being a solid MC.  Overall its a great album for 2014, delivering a fresh new sound for the SoCal scene and  Calicokid is holding it down for the Underground Hip Hop community…..MUST RESPECT…………@UGHHBLOG

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