Album Review: Dukesta – “Who Nu? The Rude Edition LP”


Dukesta is possibly the hottest Indie Hip Hop artist for 2015.  With his latest Album release titled “Who Nu? The Rude Edition LP” he has been able to completely offer a whole new sound and perspective in raw lyricism and delivery to all Hip Hop fans worldwide.  This album consists of 10 of the most memorable tracks in indie Hip Hop today, showing all the critics that he is a true rising star.

Hip Hop talent is really hard to find nowadays due to the over-saturation of MC’s claiming they are Dope!!! lol  Dukesta is truly shittin on 95% of these rappers, mainstream or underground it doesn’t matter.  He just doesn’t make Hip Hop, he makes real songs that can tap into any ear regardless of what kind of Hip Hop the listener likes.  The production on this album is completely INSANE!! to say the least.  The beats are perfect, all are BANGERS and are fully custom for Dukesta making it a hand and glove fit.  My favorite song it “Paranoid” (feat. Truth), due to its powerful story and substance regarding current situations going on in society today.

Overall this is a A+ Album and a must have for any Hip Hop fan and collector.  This young MC has the world in the palm of his hand!!

Album available on iTunes & GooglePlay

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