Album Review: El Sistema 407 – “Apologia Del Okapi”

00. Apología Del Okapi (2015)

El Sistema 407 is a very talented Hip Hop MC from Santiago, Chile. He just released his latest Album titled “Apologia Del Okapi”, which is a powerful, conscious & hardcore Spanish project. His knowledge and lyrics are profound and its a perfect mix that creates his unique one of a kind style and sound. This project consists of 20 songs that can fill your day’s worth of music. The production is flawless along with the cohesive and consist songs especially having a 20 track album.

El Sistema 407 incorporates many artist features throughout this solid project allowing all other MC’s and producers to shine worldwide.  Spanish Hip Hop by far surpasses all the bullshit we have in the states and truly El Sistema 407 will rise to the top in the Spanish Hip Hop game. My favorite song on this project is “Fatalidad De La Femme Parte 1” but honestly all the songs are real BANGERS.

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