Album Review: “Extinction” By Max Carnage

“Gotta Keep Creating” is one of the thought provoking lines off the new album by San Diego MC/Producer Max Carnage, “Music Extinction“. With the release of the new single “Concrete Lullaby” featuring Awol One, and Pawz One, this album has the potential to be received by Hip Hop heads very well, and should become instant fans. Myka 9 of the legendary Freestyle Fellowship also makes a special appearance on the track “Eternal Rains”.

Being Max Carnage’s third and latest album, his lyrical flow is fast and fluid, with rhymes that breakdown certain aspects of life all throughout the album. The skits on the album keeps the listener tuned in to what tracks are next with creative samples and messages. Plenty of credit is deserved also, since Max Carnage self produced his new project.  “Music Extinction” front to back, keeps the spirit and culture of Cali Hip Hop alive, and we are proud to have expressed our opinion out the album here at

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