Album Review: “For The F.E.W. (FansEveryWhere)” By D. Green

We can’t believe we have been sleeping on this project for so long!!! D.Green’s latest project & EP “For The F.E.W.” definitly represents quality Hip Hop we all have been waiting for, especially from East Coast artists. We do agree with D, that this project is for a few, the few Hip Hop heads who can relate to D’s music whether you are a underground, or commercial head. D’s lyrical delivery on the 6 track EP goes from bar to bar on thought provoking beats that give light to any moment when listening.

“Fans Everywhere”, the single that starts the EP really breaks down his thought process, and showcases his writing ability. “Ingenuity” compliments the intro with another banger in a more uplifting note. You will def embrace the ingenuity on this track. Lastly, please listen to “The Dreamer” because you will definitely get hooked. Bottom line, this EP is worth a download and you wont regret it.  “It’s Simple”, the last song on the EP is also a strong fast pace metaphorical track featuring Katie Frost!

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