Album Review: Goliath Paw (Ottawa, Canada) – Canary In A Coal Mine EP

Goliath Paw had set a massive wave in the Canadian Indie Hip Hop scene with his latest EP “Canary In A Coal Mine“.  A great sound influenced by Conscious fast lyrics, Rock, Pop and a delivery style we have never heard before.  Canada has such a respected Indie Hip Hop scene and Goliath Paw in now on that list.  Considering the fact that we are living in 2014 and moving forward, Goliath Paw understood that he needed to push a EP that catered to the times of today that would make massive noise.  Overall his presentation & Music is A+, which has a lot to due with his massive professionalism.  We researched him is not only featured on our BLOG but featured on dozens of other respected Hip Hop blogs all across the world.

Tracks that really stood out was “Buried Alive” (Video below) which has a vicious Hook and dope lyrics.  Also “Get Away” which has a crazy story (what we heard) about his Alter-ego “Himself in third Party” how he is battling a complex and pressuring situations that his alter-ego is giving him.  Overall the whole EP has great beat production, really professional mixing and all lyrics are on point.  Canadian Hip Hop has a new represenitive and his name is Goliath Paw……………



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