Album Review: Granddad Woolly (Atlanta, GA) – The Vanilla Tape

A real smooth melodic project this is considered a FEEL GOOD album for all Hip Hop heads.  “The Vanilla Tape” by the one and only Granddad Woolly has been maybe one of the best listen’s for the Summer of 2014.  His very unique flow pattern, delivery and cadence is very comparable to a heavyweight Hip Hop veteran’s talent.  One very important factor regarding this album is his real delicate selection of beats and samples.  Granddad Wolly’s ear for music overall is very impressive, almost every beat has great musical qualities not just for Hip Hop but for every creative element of multiple genres of music.  With a solid intro “Just a Conversation with Myself” clearly allows the audience to jump into his world regarding the type of sounds and lyrics he delivers.

Some great songs to hi-light are “Good TIme“, “Blood From The Pen“, “Love Part I: The Fall” & “Last Call” which is honestly my favorite.  His Hip Hop knowledge will be truly respectable and we will always remember the Album by Granddad Woolly.  His “The Vanilla Tape” project we believe will influence thousands of kids out there, allowing them to be aware that there is great Underground Hip Hop to listen too rather then being spoon fed with the bullshit that’s on the radio…………………..@UGHHBLOG

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