ALBUM REVIEW: I.N.X (Wilmington, DE) – Seven Chakras EP


A revolutionary EP for the Indie Hip Hop community.  I.N.X‘s “Seven Chakras EP” is a very much “FEEL GOOD” EP filled with uplifting songs overwhelming any Hip Hop listener with real conscious Hip Hop.  I.N.X has been featured on a lot and finally he has come out with a very respectable EP for us to enjoy.  This 17 track EP sends you off into a journey and allows you to paint pictures in your head with the music that is absorbed.  “Superman Prime”  is a real big trip,  Listening to this track made us realize that I.N.X is a real vicious MC that can hold his own in this game.

Incorporating some great “Chakras” Skits that are very memorable, I.N.X adds a lot of personality and humor that in these days 90% of MC’s has disregarded.  His clear rhymes, unique cadence, deep punch lines, heavy conviction and crazy wordplay attracts any quality Hip Hop listener will be attached to this classic EP.  “Roses” is a very heavy heart-felt track with a super dope beat.  The message in this song a so ill we had to replay it about 4-5 times to appreciate this dope track.  Highly recommended project to anyone out there who is dying to hear some fresh Hip Hop………………………

“Seven Charkas” FULL EP LINK:

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