Album Review: Innovator Co. – “Shed Light”

Power is definitely in numbers.  Innovatore Co. consists of 5 artists (Patrick Cloud, K. Rudd, Ky D. Jor, shonHayes, Lonnie Ro) who are all on the same page when it comes to making great music. Their sound is honestly beyond their time, with tracks that will make you think it should have have been released years from now. Their cohesiveness are exactly what big groups need nowadays, not a lot of groups out there can do what these guys do.

This Album consists of 17 solid tracks offering Hip Hop a fresh sound for 2015 and moving forward. Some tracks to hi-light are “Cont@cts”, “Proper” & “Impossible” these songs will allow any fan to instantly become fans of their movement. The majority of the production credit goes to Patrick Cloud & Lonnie Ro. There beats are super dope and truly Underground. We appreciate artists who allow music to come from their heart and soul rather than being influenced by MTV and Mainstream Rap!!..LOL

Anyways This is a great new Underground Hip Hop album that can be among some of the great projects out there from new upcoming artists in the scene.  Download their project today!!

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