Album Review: Johnny Ciggs – “Elegance”

Album Review Johnny Ciggs - Elegance

This Album is a MUST COP!! if you really like DOPE HIP HOP. Johnny Ciggs is the newest break-out Underground artist who just released his latest album titled “Elegance” an album long overdue for the Hip Hop masses. His style is straight up “Street” & “In Your Face” with rhymes and beats that will turn your head 360 degrees. This project consists of 14 songs of fresh Hip Hop that will keep you entertained as you listen to it from front to back. All the beats are produced by Fan Ran who did true justice on this BANGER of an Album. There not much more I can say about Johnny Ciggs only that he is SUPER DOPE. My favorite song on this album is “Lead Pipes”. Richmond area Hip Hop now has a new representative and his name is Johnny Ciggs!!!

His songs structure, topics, storytelling and even his Album cover all makes complete sense and blend in perfectly. His delivery, output and cadence is very consistent and fluid from track to track. There is nothing you can hate on Johnny Ciggs about his Hip Hop knowledge. Honestly I have never heard anyone like him before so that being said he is ORIGINAL and originality is the only thing that will take any artist to the next level. Much respect to Johnny Ciggs & Fan Ran for releases this FIRE!!! >>>> DOWNLOAD IT TODAY!!

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