Album Review: Keith Science (New Jersey) – Hypothalamus (BEAT TAPE)

Honestly one of the best BEAT TAPES he have heard till date.  “Hypothalamus” by Keith Science in our opinion has set the bar for all producers in this Indie Hip Hop game when it comes to premier Hip Hop production.  Any listener would be able to listen closely and hear the many sounds, beats, snares & high hats Keith Science uses and how he mixes it all together to pretty much give the listener the FULL EXPERIENCE.  A MC’s best friend we have to say, Keith Science has developed himself as a nationally recognized Hip Hop producer by being able to masterfully use samples unknown to other producers and create a sound that is Highly in demand in this over saturated Hip Hip producing scene…..

We appreciate Keith Science for reaching out to, which showed us that he really takes this Art Form serious……This 12 track Beat Tape is a true classic in our book and Honestly!!, for any MC out there that is looking to move up in the game you should hit up Kieth Science (New Jersey) for those beats………………

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