Album Review: LOGAN P. MCCOY (Brooklyn, NY) Self Titled ///

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Logan P. McCoy is the perfect definition of “In House Production”.  When it comes to taking charge on producing his own beats, writing his own rhymes and mixing and mastering is sound.  Showcasing tons on Consciousness in his self titled Album and music that come from the heart and soul.  Hip Hop in universal, sure Logan P. McCoy has a lot more ground to cover in the Hip Hop game but clearly he has the talent and his  Hip Hop is truly inspiring…………………….

According to the dictionary, different is an adjective that can possibly mean one of three things. 1. Not alike in character or quality; differing; dissimilar; 2. not identical; separate or distinct and 3. various; several.

Funny enough, the first thing most people say when they hear Logan P. McCoy’s music is “it’s different”. Whether diehard Hip Hop fans or not, the consensus is generally the same.

Logan’s music has a rare quality that makes it universally appealing yet inaccessible. It’s the tension between these two extremes that gives his music depth and humanity. For those who get it, it just resonates.

The paradoxical nature of Logan P. McCoy’s music, one minute introverted and pensive and the next raucous, gritty and sexually charged gives the listener an honest look into the soul of a genuine artist and a real man.

A truly unique personality whose character, humanity, charm and tenacity reverberate in his music, Logan P. McCoy pushes the envelope as almost to prove to himself and the rest of us that, “as human beings, the only limits that exist are the ones we say do”.


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