Album Review: LOST ANALOG (Kansas City, MO) – “Back ll Broke”

Back ll Broke” A true Underground Hip Hop record. LOST ANALOG is paving the way for Underground Hip Hop for 2014.  With their most recent release titled “Back ll Broke” they have been able to rejuvenate the essence of Real Raw Underground Hip Hop especially being a 2 MC group.  All songs have a heavy uninfluenced sound,  Raw lyrics, Raw beats, conscious deep underground flavor.  More like a record that any Hip Hop fan would consider a Diamond for undiscovered talent. Kansas City has a deep-rooted Underground Hip Hop scene and clearly LOS ANALOG is part of the scene and will stay for years to come.  Incorporating real life BROKE situations and experiences and relaying it to great Hip Hop music, it takes real true talent for this to happen and lets face it, power is in numbers.

Clearly you don’t have to be the richest most flamboyant Hip Hop group to make real noise and influence kids from all around.  Tracks like “Menudo“, “Meat Purse” & “The Chase” are in my opinion their Dopest tracks along side “Three’s Company” ft. 120H3 a true BANGER.  The album cover is pretty dope as well, who couldn’t relate to that PIC….lol.  Overall we recommend this project to any real underground Hip Hop fan and personally it was a great listen from front to back…………………@UGHHBLOG 

Album Download Link:

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