Album Review: Mike Mees – “Make Em Bleed”

Mike Mees has truly made history for the summer of 2015.  With his latest Album release titled “Make Em Bleed” he has been able to circulate a sound that is truly unique and most importantly ORIGINAL.  This project has a heavy Underground sound with a flavor of street knowledge and lyrical substance.  Mike Mees’s delivery is solid! very steady and consistent when it comes to true flows, not to mention that he is very articulate with his choice of words.  It’s a very fundamental form of Hip Hop but Mike Mees adds a whole different element to his music which is DOPENESS.  His beats are super solid as well.  He has a very keen ear when it comes to precise beats that will cater to his unique style.

This Album has 14 BANGER tracks that will make any new listener an instant FAN of his music.  Mike Mees is really making all competition Bleed, these wack MC’s out there have no idea what hit em !!!  Please support Indie Hip Hop and download “Make Em Bleed” today!!

Mike Mees - Make Em Bleed

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