Album Review: "OATH TO SELF" by PROSPER ///

PROSPER is all about dedicating his life to Hip Hop and with his latest project “OATH TO SELF”, he represents the integrity Hip Hop heads like us take pride in promoting.  A 15-track release featuring OSO NEGRO, DONELLA, INQUIZITIVE, DAVID DALLA G, AMANDA, & SETH.  We are also fans of OSO NEGRO, and their track “BLACKHOLE” get’s our approval to add on your replay list.  Tracks like “DO” featuring DAVID DALLA G, “EGOTISTIC”, “INSIDE THE CYPHER”, and lastly “FACTUAL” are also worth mentioning.  That’s right!!! A album with alot of dope tracks is rarely found these days, and we found it.  Front to back, OATH TO SELF is a complete Hip Hop album full of creativity only found in Idaho Falls.  We really appreciate when Hip Hop like this comes our way, which give us a reason to love our job.  The smooth and laid back type of conscious Hip Hop found in this album has a uniqueness that caters to all Hip Hop heads.

Representing independent Hip Hop to the fullest, we recomment “OATH TO SELF” by PROSPER hailing from Idaho Falls.  Album out now!!! –


Being a child of the 90s he grew up listening to greats like Tupac and B.I.G.  He wasn’t really into hip hop in his younger years since he was exposed to watered down mainstream radio.  So he stuck to oldies rock and roll, reggae, and alternative music.  It wasn’t until he heard a few groups like Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Aesop Rock, and Swollen Members that sparked his full interest for true hip hop.  At that moment he transformed into a hip hop junky.
He’s been rapping for about 4 years now, and dropped, Oath to Self, focusing on heart felt lyrics and deep stories and meanings in every song.  He tried to go for a more “blues” feel on his album because he respects the blues and consider many of the big blues artists to be pioneers of what we now call Hip Hop music.
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