Album Review: “Soul Muzic” By FamupMuzic

Starting with the single “Motivated”, the song really gets you in the mood in listening to the whole album “Soul Muziv” by FamUpMuzic. With lyrical versatility throughout the whole album, we are really impressed in the pure creativity in this project. With 19 different bangers, many focus on volume instead of quality, but with “Soul Muzic” every song has top notch content and mixing with thought inspiring beats. To me this project has a pure underground feel but with songs like “Growin Up Family And Money” ft. Tuggz and J. Auburn & “Up In The Studio” FamupMuzic also showcase their skill over commercial type beats that compliment any Hip Hop radio station in the country. “I Choose Life” is another banger that is a “must listen” and “neck breaker”.

Glad to see the Austin Hip Hop scene is thriving they way it is, and it’s no surpise that FamupMuzic is putting the south on the map again. It’s been a long time coming. No lie, alot of garbage is out there, and honored to be part of this album. Be sure to search #FamUpMusic in all social media outlets for that dope.

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